Will the 3D Gimmick Last?

GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael questions if 3D the way of the future, or if it is just another fad?.

She raises the quesiton, "Should we be saying our goodbyes to the 3DS hardware’s main selling point?"

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-Alpha2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

The main selling point are always going to be the games.

And while the idea is still cool, the novelty has worn out for the most part. Nintendo needs to focus on the exclusive titles.

They have 5 huge titles this year alone that are going to be huge for the handheld's weak library. With the reduced price drop, it is their biggest ace for Christmas 2011.

Traditional, simple, and limited focus on any of the weak gimmicks like AR, motion, or 3D. It's too bad that they foolishly ignored the second slide pad because that could have went a much longer way for them.

lifesanrpg2654d ago

This goes back to the old theory that gameplay will always triumph graphics/looks. A game can look pretty, but if the gameplay is stale and sucks then you'll soon look past the looks.

It's kind of like a girl. She may be pretty, but if there is no substance she will get old after the first night.

-Alpha2654d ago

I agree, the DS games last gen were so well made. A ton of depth and substance and I totally enjoyed the throwback technology of older gens. There is something so unique about those kinds of titles like Golden Sun that current JRPGs fail to do with their focus on graphics and technology.

I know that handhelds emulate older consoles and that they are moving more into 3-D environments but I hope that the older, 2-D/top down sprite games stay

Venox20082654d ago

Gimmick or not, I love 3D.. it really adds to some less to some more to the game, to some not at all, but I still love it :) and I hope it stays, but yes - gameplay is the most important..

AWBrawler2654d ago

off topic but since they have a few ports. can we get a DMC 3 Special Edition 3D?

on topic
The 3D is no more a Gimick than the Wii motion controls that everyone hopped on. Funny it wasn't a gimmick when PS3 was doing it