Thessaly Lerner Gives Her Opinion On Voice Acting For Konami

The voice behind Lisa Garland in the first Silent Hill game, Thessaly Lerner, has given her opinion on doing voice work with Konami in the wake of the Silent Hill HD Collection’s trouble with the VO’s.

“The scoop is when I did Silent Hill I was only paid $500 flat rate. They stole my voice for SH3 and my agent threatened to sue and got me a couple grand and that’s it. There are no residuals for videogames -never have been and it’s a major bummer. Video game companies are out only for themselves and to make money. The first budget they cut is voiceover. I have been taken advantage of, knowingly, by many videogame companies, but I’d rather work for a small amount than not work at all.”

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bobrea2655d ago

"Video game companies are out only for themselves and to make money."

No shit, it's a business. All you do is talk, it's not like your job is tough, anyway.

Jacks_Medulla2655d ago

I'm assuming you have never played a game with terrible voice-acting then, have you?

bobrea2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Yes, I have. I've played games with great voice acting, too. I'm assuming you've never had to work a shitty job that pays shit and would take $500 for talking into a microphone any day of the week, have you?

Try looking at this situation through your real-life eyes instead of the eyes of a spoiled gamer-brat. When it comes down to it, she got paid $500 to read some lines in a microphone in what most likely only took a few total hours to read all the lines.

And by the way, it's not like her voice acting performance was anything spectacular.

Pozzle2654d ago

Just because they only need to read out lines, doesn't mean it isn't a real job though. It should be treated just like any other job, and imo VAs should be allowed to sign contracts that pay them royalties if their voices are re-used again without fear of being fired or replaced. Yeah, companies are a business but I doubt they would lose much if they have to pay a few hundred dollars every time they use someone's voice without permission.

Mr Tretton2655d ago

I know I'm gonna get a bunch of disagrees from people who don't like to think, and are angry at 'the man', but I honestly don't see why game VO actors should recieve royalties. Unless you of course sign a contract that states it, you're owed nothing than the time and performance you gave (like most of us in the workforce). And if you told a game company, 'I want royalties, in writing', they'd laugh at you and get someone else. This ain't Hollywood and you aren't Leo DiCaprio to where you can make demands. Silent Hill 2 wasn't 'A Guy Cihi Game'/Silent Hill 2 starring Guy Cihi'

"Video game companies are out only for themselves and to make money." No sh*t, so is any other buisness.

I smell a VO actors strike coming on. This is all about people who talk for a living wanting to get paid for sitting on their couch. Things being re-released, that they worked on, set off a dim lightbulb in some unemployed people's heads.

Regardless of what people think about the VO changes for SH HD, it doesn't make the VO actor brigade 'right.' They took the job, they know they aren't owed other than what they agreed too. Cihi first stated Konami owed him money, then later stated 'we had a verbal agreement,' words don't mean jack buddy, and people can make up words too. You didn't sign anything, and you know you aren't owed anything. Next time ask for a royality contract upfront and see if you ever get VO work again.

It's also very clear now that Guy and his rebels are the ones to blame for this remaking of the VOs. They basically tried to blackmail Konami against SH fans. (and it worked) Demand money-get cut out of the remake-scapegoat the company-hope you cash in.

pythonxz2654d ago

I agree that VO actors make a lot of money for what is just sitting in front of a microphone. Although, I'd like to point out that many voice actors like Tara Strong are voice actors I respect.
I think most voice acting work is in the actual preparation not the acting itself.