Hard Reset PC Demo Now Available to Download

Flying Wild Hog has today released a demo (1014MB) for its up-coming dark sci-fi first-person shooter Hard Reset for the PC.

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rfowler302508d ago

its a good game overall, just finished the demo on steam. short but it looks beautiful and plays great. pretty demanding, uses a lot of gpu memory, monitored mine and it got close to 1000mb at max settings, not demanding on the cpu, temps were below 50c on my liquid cooling setup. definitly worth trying it!!!

fatalred alarm2508d ago

demo was indeed short, hopefully the game is longer but for that price we can only hope.

Looks good though.

solar2508d ago

thank god my ISP is back up so i can dl this and get some DI in!!! im excited for this.

Rampaged Death2508d ago

This actually runs okay on my laptop. I might have to buy this.

dirthurts2508d ago

I just played this and I absolutely loved it!
The controls are great, the gameplay is fast, and the graphics are slick.
I'm buying this one for sure.

lugia 40002508d ago

im getting this error.

Cannot create profile.

i can't play it. Please help :(

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