BF3 Dev: We reuse Memory on PS3; HUD Rendered last

GB : DICE developer Johan Andersson had some interesting titbits to deliver on twitter, regarding how they made Battlefield 3 on the PS3.

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kingdoms2628d ago

Hmmm.... Now I can go around talking smack like the guys making issue of the SPE lighting.

Karooo2628d ago

lol. Sub-HD is a bummer though. :(

Anti-Fanboyer2628d ago

16 pixels less. OH GAWD THE HORROR!!!

kaveti66162628d ago

It's more than 16 pixels.

It's 16 times a certain horizontal figure.

kikizoo2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

yes kaveti, but you can't see them on a big screen tv (even the best ones).

it's always funny to see people of the "hdmi not needed, bluray not needed, cell not needed, etc" exagerating things they can't see when they are playing, like all the multiplatforms differences. (sometime on poor quality tv = more funny)

[email protected], alias qwerty, and other dumbpcfantroll (old xbox ones most of the time), 720P is more than enough with good animation, textures, etc on a good tv...(1080 would be better, but you can use high resolution you want , you can't transform old looking pc games, like most of the production, to the best consoles exclusives)..even if you are right, battlefield would be the best on pc (but not "another league", just the same game, with better resolution, aa, etc)

BlackKnight2628d ago


It is 16*1280=20,480

However, I still think the change is very minimal.




So BF3 on the consoles runs at 97.7% of 720P. That is pretty damn close to 720P.

Corax2628d ago

game is still gonna look amazing so...

StanLee2628d ago

Pixel counting never mattered. It didn't matter in Halo Reach or Call of Duty or Alan Wake. Those games looked and played great despite the compromise. Now that it's someone's favorite game, it's REALLY doesn't matter.

kcuthbertson2628d ago


Actually, the bigger screen the TV has the MORE you will see those missing pixels..

Kurylo3d2628d ago


Actually the pc version will have way more graphical features that the consoles cant handle.. its not just upping resolution and textures sizes...

MOTY2628d ago

It didn't matter in MGS4...

andyboy132628d ago

It's all about perspective. yea sure it's 20k pixels, but it's out of nearly 1 million. Really not that big of a deal.

bozebo2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

if they miss any pixels at all then that means the screen isnt displaying an image at its native resolution which instantly means it looks a lot worse.

It physically isn't possible to scale an image without blurring unless it is a scale to the power of 2

but like... it hardly matters anyway, we are all used to slightly-sub-hd already.

pixelsword2628d ago

If you can see the difference between 20,000 pixels, you don't have a life to speak of.

DaTruth2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

"if they miss any pixels at all then that means the screen isnt displaying an image at its native resolution which instantly means it looks a lot worse."

Unless they crop 8 lines from the top and 8 lines from the bottom, like Insomniac did with R&C. It adds a little to the performance of the game by rendering less pixels, while keeping it at native res. It's just like watching panoramic cinema!

bozebo2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Yes, but most games just upscale and make it look gritty/blurry.

Peaceful_Jelly2628d ago

and even blurrier when the up-scaling is done via software like the PS3... I don't know what where Sony thinking to not include hardware to up-scale the games, I mean, they really thought all games were going to be 1080p or something?

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Pixel_Pusher2628d ago


not really, one is a major issue and the other is a little old hud. :P

n4gisatroll2628d ago

I feel, as long as it looks good, why do people keep talking about specs and tech stuff?

2628d ago
BlackKnight2628d ago

Like any hobby, there are some who like going into detail and knowing the facts.

Just like a mom wants a car that can get her to stores and school and have room for the kids....

While a young guy wants to know what the 0-60 time for the car, the HP, the torque, max G's on a turn, turn radius, etc.

Some people take the hobby to a level of research and knowledge and details, not just practicality.

Personally, I love the details in games, be it resolution, shadow resolution and filter type, lighting system, motion blur type and precision, and well.....I could keep going on.

Hicken2628d ago

Well said, BlackKnight.

It's the same when it comes to all the sales arguments, honestly. People always go "Are you seeing a check from Sony?" or "You must be a Microsoft investor," but it has nothing to do with that.

People on this site are from all over the world; I don't know if they do it the same in other places, but here we tend to have a lot of brand loyalty.

Take cars, for example. If we're speaking domestic cars, I'm a Pontiac guy. I don't care that they're not made anymore. I love Pontiacs. I'm on my third, and I love it like my first. I wish I could have them all(except the Aztec, but we're gonna pretend that doesn't exist). I have great respect for other GM brands, as well. But I hate Ford. HATE. Yes, they make some nice vehicles, even a few I find attractive. But they're Fords. I have to hate them.

Jack_DangerousIy2626d ago

Wow..... This has nothing to do with your PC but yet you are still here trolling.

I'm telling you to stop... Now.

Shaman2628d ago

Hmm...thats part of deferred rendering approach(BF3,GTA IV,KZ3,Crysis 2 etc.).You store information about frames in g buffer(depth,z-depth,lighting precision etc.) which is back buffer memory.It makes for much cheaper lighting and its complexity(adding couple hundreds light sources),but it takes ~20 mb.Thats why DICE can re use alot of things from memory,they have it g buffer.

More info.

Septic2628d ago

I'm sorry I'm not well versed in the technicalities of all this; does this mean that there is a delay on the HUD after the frame?

If so, I doubt the delay is noticeable at all so its not a big deal.

Anyways, *wooosh...this goes over my head*

Shikoro2628d ago

No, it just means that if the HUD is rendered last, it won't be affected by the post processes. Those include the blur filter (if there is any), anti-aliasing PPs (MLAA, FXAA; whichever it is) and so on...

Septic2628d ago

Ah cheers mate. Makes sense now :)

Kushan2628d ago

Rendering the HUD last is quite a common thing to do.
At the very basic level, when you're drawing stuff on the screen, you want to go from back to front or weird things may start happening (like walls that are behind glass will appear top of it rather than behind it). Since absolutely nothing is in front of the HUD, it makes sense to draw it last.

Furthermore, when you're upscaling the game, as many modern games do (from some weird internal resolution up to 720p), you don't want to upscale the HUD because text especially looks really weird, even if it's only upscaled by a small amoumt. So the common technique is to draw the scene, upscale it, then draw the HUD on top of it.

lorianguy2628d ago

I'm glad they're making it for PS3 properly, not just porting it over.

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