Introducing the fighters of Supremacy MMA

Full fighter roster for Supremacy MMA including details on each of the fighters' fighting styles.

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DFogz2653d ago

I checked out the demo on PS3 for this today. I liked the game overall, but the "tutorial" that shows you how to play sucks.
It's just two dudes in the ring with infinite time and infinite health. The game teaches you how to play by waiting until the other guy does something, then telling you you can counter/block it. After 15mins or so of screwing around in tutorial mode I only had gotten 14 out of the 26 or so "hints" that I thought were supposed to teach me the controls.
Certainly not a must-buy for me, though I will pick it up eventually to clown around with a few buddies.

nevin12653d ago

I wonder how this game will do considering UFC 2010 and EA's MMA didn't sell well.