Neocrisis: Ratchet & Clank Character referenced in Resistance 3

Neocrisis: While watching the ending to Resistance 3, will not spoil the ending, you will see Joseph Capelli's son playing with a toy referring to one of the characters in the Ratchet & Clank series.

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Michael-Jackson2657d ago

This is spoilerish.

Still waiting for my copy to arrive.

The Matrix2657d ago

"Argh! This is Captain Slag: Scourge of the galaxy and runner-up in the Suzzy Sweet Butterscotch Competition."

zerocrossing2657d ago

What was that clank? Sorry i banged my Ratchet.

zerocrossing2657d ago

Yeah it sounded funnier in my head :/

hilyou2656d ago

no it was a boss in ratchet and clank: a crack in time. this robot was in the agorian battle plex tourement.