New 3DS control added; Is Nintendo scared of PS Vita?

Not so long ago, French gaming website,, kick started rumors which accurately predicted the Wii U specs.

Now, the site has hit the strides again as Nintendo unveiled a control extension for the 3DS.

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jacksheen00002653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

The 3DS is a failure. So, the Wii U is Nintendo's last chance to redeem themselves.

stragomccloud2652d ago

Don't you think it's still a bit early? A lot of the heavy hitting titles aren't even out of the gate.

Cupid_Viper_32652d ago

I woulnt say they're scarred. But for sure nintendo is well aware of what a well priced and well built sony gaming product can do in the market. Ps1 Ps2 and Ps3 plus the psp are all examples of successful sony products. And with the vita looking so feature pack and the aggressive pricing, now is a good time for nintendo to right their wrongs. I mean the ps3 came from behind to obertake the 360. And thats after MS spending millions and billions for the 360. Nintendo wouldnt want to play that game. My opinion.

user8586212652d ago

wierd hasnt the 3DS been the best selling console for 4 weeks straight now :S, and none of nintendos biggest games are even out yet

kinda reminds me of ps3's launch, insanely priced, hardly any games, abysmal online service etc... so what that a failure too in your eyes??

radphil2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

The "failure" is people not realize they're basically "beta" testing stuff for Nintendo.

They're caught up in the hype, and the CONSTANT rope-a-dope that Nintendo has been doing since with the Gameboy, but people still apparently don't realize it.

Shok2653d ago

Yet Sony put the Vita at $250 (selling at a huge loss) and delayed it till 2012.......yet Nintendo is the one scared of Sony.......riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight lol.

darfreeze2653d ago

Delayed? Who said it was delayed.First of all, they said from the beginning that only one territory might get Vita this year and that's Japan. Secondly, $250 is their target price.
Nintendo is scared because of the price cut duh.

fatstarr2652d ago

couldnt have said it better.

nintendo if anything is making safe guards and traps preparing for the upcoming sony battle.

smashcrashbash2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Ummmmm.... your misinformed. First of all they aren't selling at a huge loss they are breaking even and there was no delay it was planned from the start to release in Japan first then the rest of the world. Not sure how you got so many agrees stating things that aren't facts. Oh wait, I forgot what site I am on. It certainly doesn't take much to whip Nintendo fans into a frenzy

WhiteLightning2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

When did Sony delay the PSV...

How can you delay something when Sony didn't even announce a date for it at the time.

It's easy to guess at what happened...

Nintendo thought Sony would release an expensive handheld and decided to put theres at a high price...they thought that when people compare the 3DS price to the PSV's price their handheld would look the cheapest (plus they would earn a bit more money)...however Sony announced their handheld at a lower price then Nintendo were expecting messing up Nintendos plan thus leading to the price drop and maybe even the second analouge stick.

Kamikaze1352652d ago

Looks like another person not keeping up with gaming news pulling information from their rear end.

The earthquake in Japan earlier this year is what caused the delay. This was mentioned over and over again through the year. Also, look at how much an iPod Touch sells for yet it's doing well. The Vita is capable of just as many features as any modern device and is selling for a great price.

No need to delusional.

Ares842652d ago


None of what you said is true to begin with.

But look at this thing really hard. Don't you see that this "add-on" is rushed??? You do not have logic? You can't put 1+1 together.

This thing is ugly and looks extremely rushed and it's clear that Nintendo did this because of PSVita. 3DS IS a failure for Nintendo considering the success of every handheld they ever had and the Nintendo Wii. Sometimes companies make bad decisions just like you and me can. 3DS and this "add-on" is a bad decision for Nintendo and I think they should have just came out with another version of the 3DS instead of this monstrosity.

maniacmayhem2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I believe sony did say the psv would be delayed in America and Europe only.


There also a ton of articles saying the Vita will be delayed until after xmas but only in NA and Euro.

@ fr0sty
"Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai has been quoted as saying the European and American release for the next-gen portable gaming console has been delayed until 2012, although those lucky people in Japan should still get it in time for the “holiday season.”"

I mean seriously just google Vita + delay and a bunch of news sites will tell you the Vita has been delayed in NA and Euro. You mean every site is lying about it being delayed?

fr0sty2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Nintendo is now also selling 3DS at a loss after dramatically slashing it's price (as a reaction to poor sales and Vita hitting the same price point), and Vita was never delayed, so your point is mute.

@maniac, neither of those articles directly quotes anyone from Sony saying Vita was delayed. They always have said it'll see a phased release late this year, and never specified which territories would get it first until now.

Sgt_Slaughter2652d ago

So fr0sty , Nintendo is selling 3DS at a loss now? Haha that made me lol so hard. The 3DS is made for around 120 USD, and selling it at 170 USD, (without sales tax), and that is a loss?

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meganick2652d ago

I'm sure Nintendo's worried about the Vita, but the two machines will both do fine.

stragomccloud2652d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that all the 3DS doomsayers are like those homless guys by the street that yell at everyone, saying that the world will be coming to an end???

Jack_n_Hoff2652d ago

Sounds as if youre scared as well.

stragomccloud2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Who's scared. I'm just saying it's too early to tell. I'm not a fanboy who blindly follows one company. I own a PS3, Wii, 2 xbox 360s, a heavy hitting gaming PC, PSP, and a 3DS(And that's just fir this generation, I have systems going back to the NES). I'm a gamer through and through.

I don't care either way what happens. It's just waaaaaay too many people are jumping on the 3DS band wagon to the point of ad nauseum. It's a little rediculous. Heck, look at how the PS3 turned out. Remember how difficult it was for Sony to move units?

kramun2652d ago

I doubt it, they are going to sell more, why should they be scared?

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