Epic Mickey Is As Bad As Drinking Pepsi-Mustard

Some things just don’t mix well. And usually, it doesn’t take very long to realize this. If you pour mustard into your pepsi, and take a sip, you’re going to cringe.

Furthermore, you’ll definitely know never to drink pepsi-mustard again. That being said, why does Disney still insist on pouring its characters into our tasteful gaming beverages?

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NukaCola1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Epic Mickey's only downfall was the Wii itself. This game should of looked like the concept art. I really wish it was made for the HD consoles. The steampunk design was ruined by las gen tech.

pangitkqb1728d ago

Now that is quite the analogy. I'm still laughing at the idea off Pepsi Mustard.

xhedleyx1728d ago

It wasn't Disney, it was a bastardization of characters many of us grew up to love.

lashes2ashes1728d ago

from what everybody tells me that played epic micky the gameplay was the downfall. nothing but fetch quest's and collect x amount of items.

ShaunCameron1727d ago

Not it wasn't. And the HD consoles wouldn't have made the game any better. How did the No More Heroes remake and de Blob sequel do?

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pat_11_51728d ago

I honestly wonder what it would taste like. It's possibly the most disgusting combination of food I've ever heard.

kaveti66161728d ago

Not too bad.

I've eaten a hot dog with mustard on it and drank pepsi over it. it's not bad.

As for the game, I don't the Wii's tech was the issue.

They came up with great concept art and didn't really implement it into the game.

A lot of games suffer from this. Concept art is always very beautiful but it's never captured in the game.

pat_11_51727d ago

I seriously want to try some Pepsi-Mustard