Madden NFL 12 enjoys massive sales in just a few days

Proving how popular the national sport is in video game form, and going against the argument that it's only been a year since the last game, Madden fans in the Americas can't seem to get enough of EA's cash cow series.

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lsujester2652d ago

Pretty good for (insert roster update joke).

damnyouretall2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

i buy it every few years so,,,im content. madden gives me my fix every week till gameday, so it serves its purpose. everyone says it, but what would nfl 2k12 be like right about now. i bet their success could have bought the nfl license

TBONEJF2652d ago

Like i say to everyone that likes madden. Same shit every year just updated roster n new features. The graphics havent improved past few years, which is why ia dont buy madden. EA only cares bout making money when it comes to sports includes NBA LIVE/NHL. Cant wait till their contract is done and 2k games will have the license to make NFL GAMES.