10 Things I learned from Dead Island

A list of important facts I have learned from this zombie thriller.

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One-X2652d ago

Great article for the simple fact it's humorous and all in good will :D

Fasteddy2652d ago

Thanks!! I thought of all of these last night when I was playing. It all started with me getting into the passenger side for the millionth time. And whatever company made those trucks on the island has a monopoly.

Saryk2652d ago

I like the game myself. I can see future mods that will be awesome. My tip is to have kick hotkeyed, you will be using it alot, or should use it alot.............

antz11042652d ago

"Island goers live exclusively on canned food, energy drinks, and Jack Daniels knock off whiskey."

I think I would too if I lived there.

Ashby_JC2652d ago

-Zombies in dead island have SUPER hearing and cant be snuck up on ala Deus Ex lol

Try and creep on one...instant 180 on your butt lol

Loving the game so far. Some things could have been changed for the better...BUT the bottom line...its FUN :) and im a HUGE zombie fan.

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