Great Gaming Crusade's Hector: Badge of Carnage – Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice PC Review

The Great Gaming Crusade: "Remember the one time you ghettoed together a gadget or a piece of furniture because you didn’t have the proper items of assembly at the right place or time? I’ve certainly seen my share of improvised things (and if you’ve ever assembled IKEA furniture, I’m sure you have too). Never have I seen more “ghetto” assembled things with gaff tape as I have working as a theater technician. Before you start wondering when you were redirected from the Great Gaming Crusade to the Great Theater Crusade, I do have a point (and no, really, you haven’t been directed to anything of the sort). “Ghetto improv” is a concept that isn’t exactly foreign to most point-and-click games since, when apparently left alone for too long in their offices, developers gain a strange sense of humor that is reflected in some of the strangest item combinations ever witnessed in gaming in order to complete a quest."

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