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Clarence2630d ago

It might be possible next week that the 360 could drop into the hundreds.
The Wii is even fallen off.

AWBrawler2630d ago

everyone has a region they're weakest in, no need to poke fun at 360. it's actually holding up well worldwide considering it is basically not selling in Japan.

shikamaroooo2630d ago

Wow no need to get serious here noone was poking fun at the 360

Muerte24942630d ago

feel a need to when they see constant article with "...Ps3 loses this holiday season...". But they fail to mention that it's only America that they're implying this about. Yet when we see numbers like these, there are no articles to be found. PS3 outsold 360 27.5:1 yet there is no mentioning of it outside of mediacreate hardware numbers.

AWBrawler2630d ago

wow i don't get n4g. I say good stuff about nintendo and get disagrees. i state a fact in defense of 360 and get disagrees.
not getting serious, i was just stating everyone has a weak zone. Wii is weakest in UK

Clarence2630d ago

I wasn't poking fun I was just stating it's possible that the 360 could go below 1000 next week

GamersRulz2630d ago

Go PS3, LOL @ PSP Go 7 units.

Oldman1002630d ago

The ps2 is unstoppable.

Pyscho_Mantis2630d ago

I like my ps3 but I cant feel not regretting handing in my ps2....

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