What the hell is happening to the Nintendo 3DS?

Wiitalia: Lately it seems that any news relating to Nintendo only gives rise to exaggerated reactions of disgust and horror based. And 'from the launch of this tragedy spreads 3DS no signs of slowing down. People complain, always: now for the delay dell'eShop now because the interface is awkward now because there are games, Megaman 3 hours because it is deleted, now because there are not enough color, now because Start and Select buttons are positioned wrong.

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Tanir2631d ago

easy its failing because nintendo rushed it.

dont know why they rushed it, the DS was a good handheld, but they didnt know wtf they were doin with the 3ds,

my bro got it at launch and hasnt had any games for 6 months. he was forced to buy SF (street fighter) cuz he was bored and he hates sf.

no games, for months to come, the 3ds didnt even come with its services up yet. including netflix, flip note etc, was way over priced, then finally dropped to a bit of a better price, wtf nintendo. and now there is a tacky 2nd analog?

ridiculous, im just gonna wait for games and till they do the inevitable redesign of the 3ds that has everything it should from the beginning, i feel bad for the beta testers.....i mean early adopters

AWBrawler2630d ago

deep breathes people...............breeeeeee athe.

calm now?

okay. as far as we know, this is optional. when classic controller pro came bundled with the Wii game, it didn't mean all games would require it.