Modern Warfare 3: Intel Report Part 1

Part 1 of Pro Military Gaming's opinion piece on the known additions and tweaks to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's gameplay and features compared to past Call of Duty titles.

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ryse_up2660d ago

I have mixed emotions about MW3. On one hand I'm happy to see the return of MW2 style gameplay but on the hand I might get bored with it since I played MW2 more than any other COD. BF3 is also appealing. I need some Beta play to break the tie!

NuclearDuke2659d ago

I played MW2 more than any CoD aswell. It simply was so fast paced. The close city combat was immense fun. Unless they make a major screw-up before launch, this will be the FPS of this year.

ryse_up2659d ago

I agree. I think MW3 will break sell records again this year because of the hype and the winning formula. However, BF3 is definitely on my radar. I'm glad BF3 is coming out first so that I get a chance to finish the campaign and play the hell out of its multiplayer before MW3 competes for my time.

Ezio20482658d ago

day 1 buy for MW3!!!!!!!!!!!!