Why there's no Survival Mode in Dead Rising 2: OTR

If you're a hardcore fan of the Dead Rising series, you may well remember the punishing Infinity mode from the first game - the one in which Frank West had to constantly eat food in order to stay alive.

You may also be wondering why that challenge didn't return for Dead Rising 2, or for the forthcoming revised version, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Executive producer Jason Leigh has explained that while the new game will have an infinite Sandbox Mode, it won't work in quite the same way.

"With Infinity Mode in Dead Rising 1, the world was open to you but you health was constantly depleting, you were always on the hunt for food," said Leigh, speaking to this week.

"This time around we wanted to take that limitation. So no time limit, no story, no depleting health, but then adding that layer of challenges on top."

The removal of depleting health also rules out a return for the notorious 7 Day Survivor Achievement, which forces players to play the game solidly for 14 hours without dying or saving.

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TheMyst2654d ago

I bet it'll be dlc. After all, this is capcom.

supremacy2654d ago

Isnt that what this game is? Survival mode? Jk idk maybe it ill come in the future.

kma2k2654d ago

To be honest i serously would have loved Dead Rising 2 had the implemented the simple thing of taking away the time limit, & have a freakin check point save feature going from one area to the next. After loosing 6 hours of gameplay becuase i walked around some corner into a pshyco fight i didnt know was there & lost 6 hours i said id never play another dead rising unless they made those two simple fixes. Sounds like they maybe have. If this is implemented into the story mode & not just some freakin throw in for after the story maybe ill take a look. I mean serisouly what is the point of having a sandbox zombie killing for fun game if they hand cuff you with a freakin time limit?

Basjohn2654d ago

So agree with this. I chucked the game away after I spent a few hours doing side-quests and then SUDDENLY had to return to the base in 5 minutes from across the map. I didn't get there it decided the world ended because of this and offered me a new game plus..........I promptly gave the game the place in the recycle bin it deserved. Time limits + numerous side quests and no checkpoints/outside base saving = more fail than most could imagine.

sovietsoldier2654d ago

my understanding was there is sandbox which was survival?