CoD XP 2011 - MW3 Search and Destroy Stage Gameplay

Gametrailers: Check out the changes to Search and Destroy in this presentation from the Call of Duty XP Event in 2011.

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fatalred alarm2652d ago

I'll probably buy mw3 even though i know i shouldn't.
But haven't done much research into cod:xp yet, would it be worth it? how much is it anyway..

p.s. Search and destroy is probably the best game mode in cod.

ddurand12651d ago

i dont know exactly whats included, but it costs 49.99.

ill probably pick it up too when it hits 40$ around the holidays. I will not do elite though. that 50$ is better spent on any of the other great games coming out this fall.

Ultra Gamer2651d ago's like a tiny game of Rush.

SCW19822651d ago

I miss the good old days of COD 4. Bigger and flashier does not equal better when it comes to this series. I wish they would have taken a more subtle approach. Regardless I will be sticking with Battlefield 3 and the team work it REQUIRES!

Jdub895O2651d ago

okay i could of sworn i saw a bomb squad guy????