Forza Motorsport 4 on The History Channel - Top Gear: Beating Tanner

The full episode of the American version of Top Gear, in which Adam and Rutledge attempt to beat Tanner's time around Infineon Raceway in a Lexus LFA using Forza Motorsport 4. The link goes directly to the (non-embeddable) video page.

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ironwolf2568d ago

There is some fairly good video of the game and game play included here. It would appear when this was shot the game was pretty near the end of development.

EdwardS0872568d ago

Some of the best graphics I have seen.

ironwolf2568d ago

The game does look good, it's just a shame that the two playing it were such clueless dweebs. Of course it was no doubt scripted that way.

BlmThug2568d ago

That other twat kept crashing into the same wall over and over