More Monster Hunter Tri G scans

Take a look at the newly announced Monster Hunter title.

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fatalis952654d ago

no still a pink rathian just a slight graphical improvement. monster hunter frontier just got a black rathian O_O

rezzah2653d ago

No way, a motnh ago while playing MHFU with my bro and cuzzin, I came up witht he idea of a withe rathian and black rathalos. The Los being black because white is very close to the silver one.

However if its only for frontier then that sucks but I guess they need a reason for frontier to be PC and 360 exclusive.

the greatest thing they can do for MH series as a whole is not only bring it out for the PS3 and or all other systems is by bringing out every weapon and every monster into one game. that would be intense.

AWBrawler2654d ago

hmmmm. 3DS gyro + guns = easy aiming!

Goeres2654d ago

Perhaps, but the gyro made people dizzy in Star Fox3DS. So I wouldn't count on it in the most hectic battles.

Might be one of the reasons they're launching the horrible, ugly and hillarious transformers hub.

AWBrawler2654d ago

dizzy? never heard that one, but it would be a nice option. I just don't want to have to use that ugly add on. I'll be embarassed to play that in public.

Venox20082654d ago

how can gyro make people dizzy?

MasterCornholio2654d ago

one of the better looking 3ds games. cant wait to see how it plays

rezzah2653d ago

Its for the Wii...And who knows if they'll release a G version in the western world.

the only one they ever did release was MHFU for the PSP. The Japanese version was called MHF2G i think.