Dead Island: Zombies, mixed reviews and glitches

As Dead Island's mixed reviews keep coming like a hungry undead horde, Kapow Games explains the contempt its creators are implicitly showing for its audience.

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JellyJelly2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

"Which begs the question, ‘why release a game that’s clearly not ready for it’s blood thirsty fanbase?’"

If there wasn't a day 1 patch for it that would be a viable question.

"Just look at the PS Vita. We were more distract than anyone when we heard it won’t be landing on our shores before Christmas. But at least we can be assured Sony is doing its utmost to deliver a superior product."

How can you be sure of that when it isn't even released yet? If Sony are so great how come they are releasing Resistance 3 with a day 1 patch as well? On top of that a patch that according to some sources doesn't fix the MP issues.

Silly fanboy article.

sloth33952654d ago

you do know that Sony didnt make resistance right

DarkTower8052654d ago

I don't think he does. Some people think all Sony exclusives are made by Sony. Just like some think Activision makes COD and MS makes Halo.

JellyJelly2654d ago

They published it. The publisher has the last word, that's why some games are released before they are finished. Deadlines, set by the publisher. In this case Sony. I'm fully aware Insomniac developed it.

wallis2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

First of all it doesn't show contempt. They accidentally released the dev version instead of the full version on steam. That means if you bought it retail then you got a completed game. That was hardly a "Oh darn we haven't finished let's just kick it out the door". It's just a mistake.

Secondly it may have a lot of glitches but open world games aren't easy to make. Show me a glitch free open world game? Even the almight gta IV or red dead have their fair share of funny crap happening. And don't even get me started on the stellar elder scrolls series. They've practically worked glitches into part of the AI's charm.

Thirdly its metacritic score is 81% which is hardly "mixed reviews". Not all of us expect our games to come out at the perfect 9 or 10/10 and there's nothing wrong with an 8/10. Not to mention the overall consensus is a solid game with a piss poor save system and some painful bugs. Which is a different kettle of fish to a flat out awful game. If your willing to persist dead island is a damn enjoyable game and I'm finding it very fun.

Frankly I'd much rather developers accidentally release a half finished game and fix it in under 24 hours instead of intentionally with hold content from non pre-order customers or in the hope of releasing it on a later date. Your entire argument hinges on this idea that techland couldn't be arsed to do a proper job and decided to release the dev version out of contempt towards their audience which makes no bloody sense considering a) they fixed it immediately and b) not all copies of the game were affected by the issue. If they'd held contempt for their audience they wouldn't have been able to get a day 1 patch out and even when games are released in buggy states they rarely include dev only bug checkingfeatures like press a button to gain instant noclip.

"We were more distract than anyone when we heard it won’t be landing on our shores before Christmas. "

Also as awful as dead island's glitches may be I feel confident in saying techland put a boat load more effort into their game than you did into writing a loathsome hate filled stupid and blatantly biased article with all the flow and intelligence of dyslexic scrabble. Your english is appauling and is giving me a stomach ulcer.

duger2654d ago

'piss poor save system'? i'd take it into consideration... remember that the game is able to mix-up many game sessions because of drop in/out support. you can make jump into future or past, and back into your own session (or not). it's much more complicated system than in any other game I know. it's a mess that somehow works ;)

wallis2654d ago

Admittedly it's not perfect but if I'm playing sp I should be given the choice to reload a save instead of it immediately respawning me. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't autosave when you get knocked down taking away any choice from the player.

duger2654d ago

@wallis: there are two kinds of saves: player and checkpoint. you can always load last checkpoint or wait for respawn (menu -> load last checkpoint).

Deanways2653d ago

Mistake or no mistake. Would you just shrug your shoulders if you found a piece od glass in you Big Mac? The relationship between customer and manufacturer has been burnt here. That's the biggest issue.

Besides, having both the console review codes and Steam versions released as old beta suggests something more sinister. Why would they both be released wrongly? Mad!

Dlacy13g2654d ago

Sadly this game is an absolute gem from all I have seen so far that is going to suffer in review score because of their own mix up (Steam) and review copies that were fairly buggy. The game certainly deserves better than some of the "low" scores its gotten.

wirapuru2654d ago

I don't know if it's only about the bugs when they give it low scores. They exaggerate but I sure don't want fixed and predictable spawn points with X identical zombies every Y minutes and much less re-spawning loot or a 90's game shop where you can only sell one item a time.

If these are bugs then their game design ideas need to be fixed. For myself I had too much of this kind of mistake on past games to revisit them again.

The low scores are too low, I agree, but the high are too high too.

Dlacy13g2654d ago

@wirapuru, I was really ready to pass up on this game and leave it for dead after I started reading all the reviews that were pretty harsh...but I just watched Giant Bombs Quick look...and I gotta say it has me changing my tune. I recommend you give it a look wont spoil the game but it gives you a very good breakdown.

Here is the link to it:

wirapuru2654d ago

Hey, thanks for that, I'll see it and see if I give it a chance.