DICE: we "definitely haven't killed Mirror's Edge"

OXM UK: "Battlefield 3 movement "clearly inspired" by cult parkour classic, says executive producer."

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Jam_sponge2504d ago

Just get on and make the thing. God.

dirigiblebill2504d ago

"Just get on and make the thing after you've finished Battlefield."


Add in open world, get rid of the gunplay = the right idea.

Caleb_1412504d ago

I think the gunplay could've been much cooler than what it was - imagine Multiplayer with everyone having pistols (not sniper rifles, rocket launchers or anything like that) where you have a mode like CTF or something :D

PhantomT14122504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I think the gunplay broke the "flow" which Faith spoke of so proudly at the beginning.

They can bring it on as long as it doesn't kill it but I don't want to go through machine gun shootings with SWAT again.

jerethdagryphon2504d ago

thev problem is dice rented server space on the shard and faith blew them up

thats whats taking so long

ps3rulz2504d ago

Good, now make the damn game :-D

Acquiescence2504d ago

will you just put us out of our misery and confirm the damn thing already. They're repeatedly giving us the blue balls here by saying "yeah we might" and "ooh it could happen, never say never." Just announce the f**king sequel!

Quagmire2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Revive it!

I personally would've preferred ME2 to BF3

Bleach2504d ago

Look for christ sake, if you're gonna make it, JUST MAKE IT, but if solar fields aren't on board, don't even bother.

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