New '4Minute' Characters Added To Freestyle

JCE recently revealed that their collaboration with Korean pop group 4minute's is currently on-going in the MMO 'Freestyle'.

For the latest update, JCE added 'Kwon Sohyun' (pictured) and 'Heo Gayoon' to complete 4minute character series.

Jang Jiwoong from JCE Business Division said, "We will be celebrating our fate with 4minute not only through online game, but also through an offline fan meeting. The purpose of it is to show another side and fun of it."

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GirlsGeneration2653d ago

Very nice, I don't play that game but anything that has to do with 4Minute is automatically awesome, my favorite group of all time 4Minute 4 Life!

tigertron2653d ago

I clicked this for the girl.