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Modern Warfare 3 Kill Confirm Mode Explained

Then new mode for Modern Warfare 3 will be Kill Confirm and we are going to give you the complete breakdown on what it is and how to prepare for this mode. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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codfreak1256  +   1242d ago
thats cool can't wait
evrfighter  +   1242d ago
No need to explain it. Just youtube crisis 2 as it's the exact same thing
The Meerkat  +   1242d ago
I like it.
chickens  +   1242d ago
whats up with the robotic voice thing lol.

looking forward to this new game mode
enkeixpress  +   1242d ago
lol.. you don't need a complete breakdown for this mode.. It's basically standard team deathmatch.. but after you've killed your enemy, You or a team mate will need to collect the dog tag dropped by the enemy in order to confirm/register the kill. You can also collect dog tags dropped by dead team mates in order to prevent kills being registered to the enemy team's scoreboard.

It just adds a little something to the old run 'n' gun formula of standard team deathmatch & will hopefully keep players from camping as they'll need to actually run out there & collect the kill.

I'll probably see myself playing this mode alot.. but Survival mode is where I'll be spending most of my MW3 playing time. :)
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MrGunny94  +   1242d ago
exactly everfighter...xD well this game mode ain't for camping snipers

ONLY if there is one runner getting tags and the sniper taking them down
thatboytim  +   1242d ago
This is how I think a few clans will operate. 1 or 2 stealthy players with silenced or long range weapons and 4 or 5 light weight commando style players. The team will run like a hunters and gun dogs / retrievers.

Should be fun..
Fishy Fingers  +   1242d ago
Like it, just enough of an objective to bring some depth to TDM without changing the core ideals, killing everything :)

Obviously makes TDM more suitable to the "support streaks" which wouldn't have much place in DM/TDM other than kill assists.
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1242d ago
Doesnt sound like any real effort went into developing this gamemode.....I would have included the picking up of dogtags to collect "combat points" which are in my ideas for game modes. See what you all think!

What I think would have been a good gamemode is if you have two commanders on each team who have a sattlelite view of the map.

At first they can only mark locations were enemies are, but as their team captures objectives they get combat points towards other support functions like dropping in ammo for their team or calling in a gunship for their team which would use up combat points.

And the only way to get combat points would be through flag captures (Domination & CTF) or through a sucessful Number of kills (TDM) This would mean that the game would retain the gun on gun element between the onfield players and the commanders would have acess to the heavy firepower BUT only when their team captures objectives.

Perhaps if one team was on the backfoot E.G the gap in points in domination was over say 50? 100? (you choose) the commander of the loosing team could call in a big support bonus automatically such as a tactical missile strike to help clear out a flag or an AC130 to give his team a break to push on a flag.

Or how about COD tries its hand at a hostage style game mode? were one team has to defend the hostage (but they dont have claymore or C4 or anything like that to keep it gun on gun) and the attackers have to secure the hostage and as the enemies respawn they respawn ahead of the extracting team but for gameplay balance and fun factor the only way to kill the hostage is to knife them and it would go into an animation giving a hostage defender time to save them. (unrealistic I know but better than getting your game ended by somebody camping back with a sniper.
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