Modern Warfare 3 | Can The New-Look Multiplayer Be A Success

In the wake of the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer reveal at Call of Duty XP, Dealspwn investigates whether the changes Infinity Ward has made to their massively popular formula can be a success or not.

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Fishy Fingers1696d ago

As a self titled COD fan I don't think the changes are big enough to put anyone off. I like the "support streaks" rewarding team/objective work rather than just kills are great, they discourage some camping.

The new "dog tag" TDM brings just enough objective to the most popular game mode without overly changing it's core ideals.

I could go on but overall I think the changes are for the best, of course many here will think that's purely because in a COD fan, or sheep or whatever the cool gamers are calling it now :)

StanLee1696d ago

I agree. Changes aren't substantial to change the core formula of COD. But I do feel the changes will bring some balance issues.

MrGunny941696d ago

Well let's just see how they balance all the crap they added into the game before we talk yes :)?