Channel 5: Dead Island review

Channel 5: By the time you’ve smushed your 300th zombie, they begin to feel less like flesh-hungry mutants and more like annoying relatives you’d rather just run away from. Only you can’t.

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gw4k2482d ago

I've been playing this game on and off today. Not entirely sure how I feel about it.
Maybe I expected more of a shooter and less of a SMASHER.

I'll continue to play I suppose....

Rowland2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

what's your opinion on the rpg side of the game & is the game as repetitive as lots of folks are saying ?

gw4k2482d ago

I can't really say yet. I haven't gotten far enough into it yet to comment on that. It's interesting and there is a progression to it all.

One thing I noticed immediately is that the Zombies level up with you....
Just not sure what I think of this game as of yet.

antz11042482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Ive been playing pretty steady and I like the rpg side. The skill trees are well balanced and the quests dont feel repetitive, especially when you can explore EVERYTHING while doing them.

If you liked the rpg aspects of Borderlands youll like it.

@ gw4k the game was always promoted as a melee intensive game, with shooting less than occasionally.

Wizziokid2482d ago

you expected more of a shooter?

they always said it would be melee focused with little guns

Rowland2482d ago

okey dokey dude. hope you enjoy the game !

Wizziokid2482d ago

I would of got this but it's been a tough call between it and resistance 3, i'll probably pick it up in a few month after i get past all the games coming out

Septic2482d ago

I would get Resistance 3. This will be in the bargain bin soon anyway.

duger2482d ago

pick up R3 if you want good generic shooter or DI if you want something fresh and new. DI is a game that don't fit any frame - hope for more titles like the one.