GoGamingGiant: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Choice. Choice is what many gamers love, to have a choice in what they do during their experience when playing any game and not just run in one direction till you reach the finish line. Deus Ex promises players to give them choice but how well does it really deliver it and can it live up to the standards the first game set?

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mrmancs2390d ago

love dis game one major flaw i found though was when i returned to the rioting city i went on top of a building and shot at some punks this triggered of a guy opening a gate i assume wasnt supposed to be open till next mission , thus i went through gate and killed this guy before the mission! and when i actually got the mission it wouldnt register i completed it , ence ive got to start the game again! :(

ali1002390d ago

That's why I always have more than one save slot used.

mrmancs2390d ago

ali i should have to mate , i fucked up, still you would think they wouldnt miss a over site as this , well peed me of.

itani2390d ago

There is the option load previous auto save?

Murgatroyd72390d ago

Such a good game. It's not perfect, of course, but easily one of the better releases recently.

MasterD9192389d ago

What game doesn't have it's flaws?