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Awkward motion controls and shallow combat make Rise of Nightmares a frighteningly unremarkable adventure in zombie killing.

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FlashXIII1966d ago

Looks like Microsoft should have delayed this one too tbh. Still it was never designed to be amazing just to lure teens and kiddies to it's gore factor.

MasterCornholio1966d ago

They could have done a better job with the controls. According to this review they have failed to bring a good core experience to Kinect.

Anyways i am going to wait for the Gametrailers review and see what they have to say.

gustave1541966d ago

Death would be better than playing this game.

FlashXIII1966d ago

I'd rather play this game than be forced to listen to Microsoft talk about why Kinect is for core gamers.

edonus1964d ago Show