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CheatCC - Saying that the zombie genre is derivative is, at this point, like saying water is wet. Zombie games by nature borrow from one another, and seeing glimpses of other games in new releases is to be expected. The moment I started playing Dead Island, I immediately thought to myself how like Left 4 Dead it was. The first-person perspective, four-person co-op, and even some of the aesthetics seemed a little too familiar. Then I got a little bit deeper into the game, and I noticed how like Dead Rising it was, with the destructible weaponry, a dilapidated urban landscape, and plenty of open areas to explore.

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I disagree, BEST zombie game in a long, long time.

joydestroy2450d ago

i have to agree. it's pretty awesome.

SuperBeast8112450d ago

I agree as well its THE best in a LONG time im having a blast

Skate-AK2450d ago

3.6? Thats a random rating. Wonder why not 3.5. I think the game is better than 3.6 though but thats just me.