Call Of Duty 2 Maps To Join The MW3 Elite Experience. Watch Interview, Fan Service Is Incredible

The Call Of Duty Experience was the best event for a FPS game in history. Fan Service has officially been delivered but now we might receive more in the form of some classic Call Of Duty maps based in the World War era.

Stay Tuned for this amazing interview with Sledgehammer and HipHopGamer.

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Best2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

MW3 > BF3

Disagree if you agree.

HungPHATx2329d ago

Hell ya ! That's my boy HHG getten it in yo..

RioKing2329d ago Show
HavenDan2329d ago

Glad to hear that they're giving some more incentives for the Call of Duty Elite. Great interview man!

ironwolf7772329d ago

Well? Come on COD Haters ... We don't have all day ... do your thing

Jobesy2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Have to hand it to IW/Sledgehammer, they are putting a lot of value in this game.

RioKing2329d ago

alot of value for the $100+ you'll end up spending on this game....

9thGenHero2329d ago

COD players will have a lot to enjoy, as will I when BF3 hits!!

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