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Submitted by Rowland 1617d ago | review

Dead Island review: Zombie game doesn't live up to the trailer (CBS News)

CBS News: The game tries to take itself seriously, but never explores the psychological trauma of waking up to find your favorite tropical island resort overrun by zombies. Characters feel hollow and the plot is uninspired and never successfully strikes emotional chords.

These shortcomings alone aren't what bring Dead Island to the land of mediocrity. After all, the star attraction here is the exciting and visceral zombie killing, right? No. (Dead Island, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) -

Marcus Fenix  +   1617d ago
what's the definition of living up 2 a trailer?
Kurt Russell  +   1617d ago
Playing as well as it looked?
DasTier  +   1617d ago
Well then what would you say about halo 3 & reaches live action trailers?
Kurt Russell  +   1617d ago
Think for a sec...

I think you're confusing the word "playing" with "looking".

They played as excitingly as their trailers made them out to - from what I gather Dead Island is not as fun and exciting as the trailer suggested it might have been. I don't know I haven't played it personally.

I am simply helping Marcus Fenix's comprehension of the article... and now your comprehension of my 6 word explanation.

Feel free to PM me your thanks.
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DasTier  +   1616d ago
The trailer didn't seem to to be trying to look fun and exiting, it looked to me like it was showing drama and sadness rather than fun. Showing one family on the resort trying to protect themselves but getting overrun and killed.
manumit  +   1617d ago
The article talks about having "dumb" zombies in the game. Paying not much atention to you and can't open doors....I love that they are "dumb" zombies, not the sprinty ones. Reminds me of the good ol' George A Romero film zombies, or Resident Evil Zombies (old ones). Each to their own i guess.
One-X  +   1617d ago
I think it's just a few people bullying the game.

Zombies are zombies, they're dead, they move, they want to kill you. Zombies are meant to be dumb... what fun is it having a running zombie opening doors, you might as well be playing GTA in first person and having cannibals run after you wanting to claw your brains out.

Yet, if the zombies had clever AI, I bet they'd say 'Zombies are meant to be stupid, not meant to be able to do that, stupid game', Dead Island is finding it hard to win praise, whatever they do is wrong in a lot of reviewers eyes, which is sad to see. The trailer was ages ago... it's like.. get over it already surely?
JsonHenry  +   1617d ago
I like the game. And if you thought it was going to live up to the trailer then you have a problem. The trailer was way too awesome for any game to live up to.
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Rampaged Death  +   1617d ago
It was a trailer !! Many games haven't lived up to their trailer. People should be praising them for the trailer not hurting them.
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Fishy Fingers  +   1617d ago
Pretty sure the trailer was made by Axis Animation, not Techland.
Cpt_kitten  +   1617d ago
have to see on Friday when i can buy it, being compared to fallout, borderlands, dead rising and left 4 dead interests me so hopefully it can live up to those
Fishy Fingers  +   1617d ago
Trailer probably hurt this game (review wise), while it generated a lot of hype, it also portrayed the game as something it is not. Still, I'm expecting some good old fashioned brain soaked fun from the co-op.
SleazyChimp  +   1617d ago
This game is bad ass, I don't know why they would bitch about the stupid shit. "oh the trailer had me thinking it would be a perfect game!" What are you an idiot?

It has the drop in drop out coop and leveling system of Borderlands.

The combat reminds me of Oblivion, you have to time your swings and use strategy. You can't just go out there swinging at the moon and hope you'll kill something.

It has the weapon creation of Dead Rising 2,find the blue print, gather the parts, build the weapon.

And finally it has the fun of Left 4 Deads 4 player zombie apocalypse, except its a romp through a beautiful paradise turned zombie land.

The combat is some of the most brutal game play you'll ever experience. I cannot describe how satisfying it is when your crowbar rips chunks of flesh off a zombie that has chased and hassled you for 2 blocks. You can even sprint across a street and jump kick a zombie in the mouth knocking him to the ground. Then line your foot up with his head and curb stomp his brain right out of his skull. Effectively taking out a zombie with out ever swinging your weapon. Truly awesome!

The trailer did exactly what it was suppose to do, get millions of peoples attention.
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