Devil May Cry 1, 2, And 3 Rated By ESRB For The PS3 And Xbox 360

G4tv: The Devil May Cry HD Collection has been rumored since this past June when a Spanish retailer posted an ad. Since then no new details have been released, until today. Capcom hasn't confirmed anything but the ESRB has publicly re-categorized Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. "Change Value of Platforms from "PlayStation 2" to "PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360." Meaning, these games are no longer just for the PS2.

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Deadman_Senji2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

for a dollar!


Nobody has seen the movie Robocop? Obviously the games are worth more than 1 dollar. 1 and 3 for sure. I'm not too sure about 2. Never played it myself but there's a general stigma surrounding it.

Ares842293d ago

Delusional fanboy!

On topic: Great news. Now Capcom, bring out an Onimusha collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

solidjun52293d ago

ooo. Oh man, I would love the Onimusha series to get the same treatment.

Peaceful_Jelly2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

between the 3 games the second one is the worst, that's true. But is not as bad as everyone says. In fact, the second one was better than the first in many aspects... This is just like the FFVII hate train, most people hasn't even played the game, yet, they are already on the hate bandwagon.

Solidus187-SCMilk2293d ago

hell yeah, I would buy an Onimusha HD collection in a second!!!!

DragonKnight2293d ago

What Ares84 said x a bajillion.

I don't understand why Capcom just sits on the franchises that people want to see like they mean nothing. Capcom really suck this gen. This move, coupled with Asura's Wrath and Dragon's Dogma is the only thing I can say they've done right this gen. BUT, these 3 things haven't happened yet so, who knows?

UnSelf2293d ago

i love that part in Robocop lmao


BlindGuardian2293d ago

well I played them all and the worst is the 4, 2 is not as good as the first but it's an OK game

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wolokowoh2293d ago

Have you played DMC2? I seriously doubt the new DMC will be worse than it. The other two however will probably continue to be far better.

BrightFalls762293d ago

It's great to see 360 getting more of these collections now. This is a day one for sure, can't wait!

Deadman_Senji2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Piss off, leech

I'm kidding..

hardandsloppy2293d ago

I know I love how xbox fanboys are starting to like hd collections because they finally get them. Not saying you brightfalls are a fanboy, but some of your comments of the past have been a little fanboyish.

OT: I'll buy it, never played 1-3, but I played 4, it was very confusing cuz I knew no one in the game, so I never finished it. I might when I get this.

BrightFalls762293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I have the Sly, Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia collectons. The Ico/Shadow collection is in my top 3 titles for this Fall after Gears and Uncharted 3. However if a game goes multiplatform I much prefer the 360 controller and ability to install to the hard drive.

*Silent Hill 2/3 was my most wanted collection this generation until I heard that horrible voice acting.

Jack_DangerousIy2293d ago

Not gonna stop me from downvoting you. You act like a child, you get silenced like a child.

Solidus187-SCMilk2293d ago

hahaha PS3 fanboys butthurt about something again...really who would have thought?

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firelogic2293d ago

What's funny is that Microsoft said they didn't care about HD Collections. All they cared about was bringing new games to the table. Now they're jumping on the bandwagon because they see how much money is in it versus development costs.


Micro_Sony2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

So your saying that MS is begging or paying developers to have HD collections on the 360 and the developers are begging Sony to have HD collections on the PS3 -_-

This PS3 vs 360 is really making some people need to wear tin foil hats.

Edit: Even if MS did not care about HD collections why would they say no to a developer wanting to have an HD collection on the 360?

newleaf2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Good job capcom. Xbox 360 support appreciated
Yikes! What did I say wrong this time? Lol you guys bitter the whole series is now going to be playable on 360?? Come on, devil may cry doesn't belong to you, it belongs to capcom, and they wanna share with 360 gamers. Deal with it.

Godmars2902293d ago

Its that you say that, but then the 360 gets a classic title like Guardian Heroes or Raident Silvergun and its usually "suck it Sony fanboys."

XabiDaChosenOne2293d ago

@NEWLEAF Its not what you said its who you are. Your a trolling bum.

Virus2012293d ago

Everyone on this site runs around giving disagrees because they're mad at the world. They're probably like Cartman (mad because they have a small penis LMAO)

Ducky2293d ago

... I read that as 'Catwoman' for some reason... and then just wasted 5 seconds trying to make sense of that last part.

Neko_Mega2293d ago

Cool, about time we get to play DMC on are PS3's (The old ones).

To bad this is going to sale better then DMC.

dark-hollow2293d ago

You mean thanks god it will sell more than DmC.

Neko_Mega2293d ago

Wouldn't be like thanks Dante or something like that?

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