Dead Island Weapons Mod Blueprints Location Guide

SegmentNext - "Weapons Mod Blueprints to create customized weapons in Dead Island. Find out where and how you can get these blueprints".

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rdgneoz32451d ago

A location guide, and it tells you where only 2 of the blueprints can be found (from 2 different quests)...

One-X2451d ago

Yah, it has nice information regarding the blueprints, but the most important thing is the location, so the title is a little misleading at the moment.

Nice job though.

JellyJelly2451d ago

Crappiest "guide" I ever saw. At least put up a map with the locations on it. And another tip is to actually FIND the blueprints before you write a guide for them lol!

BattleTorn2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Im not sure if I wanna spoil any part of this game... but since the guide is poor, eh i might take a peek hhehe

Meat Bait.... i might be looking for this one soon!

segmentnext2451d ago

Updated with Locations*

Most of the mods are rewarded when you complete a certain side quest or a main quest.