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Sean from GamerEuphoria writes:

"The main story line and side quests are ten plus hours of game time and replay value in on offer in the shape of replaying the game as different characters. There is also a number of collectables to pick up that offer back story on the world of Dead Island which adds a few hours of game time for any players into collecting their objects. Dead Island would be a perfect home for some downloadable content further down the line which will of course add to the game time. Dead Island is brutal and beautiful and is the perfect way to see out the summer either alone or with three other friends."

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WolfLeBlack2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I've been sitting on the fence about Dead Island after hearing some pretty mixed views on it. Might just have to see about picking this up down the line, now.

Son_Lee2452d ago

Play it for yourself. I can tell you right now that it is Fallout 3 with zombies, but I think the fun factor is higher. Oh, and it's easily the scariest game this gen by a MILE.

Cpt_kitten2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

the fallout 3 comparison is really, looks like l4d to me

i don't think games were you can defend yourself are scary ever, amnesia was freaky because you couldn't defend yourself

nice comparison though helped me a little

Caleb_1412452d ago

Scariest game this gen? Unless this is the only game you've played which has a little bit of horror in it you've got to be kidding me

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

You should NEVER let conformisim or reviews decide what is a good game and what isnt, play it yourself! Rent it for gods sake man!

What is good and what isnt is subjective, For instance everyone raves about Halo and I think its shite, Everyone raves about Uncharted and I think its alright, Everyone raves about The Dark Knight and I thought it was alright, Everyone raves about Inception and I thought it was shite.

People say the latest AVP game sucks, I thought it was great, People say COD sucks but I think its good social fun with my firends who are mostly casual gamers, People say Crysis 2 sucked but I thought it was great, People think Mass Effect 2 is great while I think the first was much better.

Just form your own opinion dude and for what it matters I think it looks fantastic

- Mostly melee only

- ZOmbies are hard to take down

- THeres eerie moments of silence to create tension and build encounters up

- The environment is fallout sized and it has RPG depth with 4 player co-op

- The soundtrack is very good

- Great atmosphere

- Individual characters with different skill attributes

- Build your own weapons

- Hundreds of melee weapons

- you can drive cars over zombies

- 20+ hours of content

- Open world

- Good difficulty curve, challenging

- good survivalist elements

And Son Lee what makes it scary? I can understand how its horror but that doesnt necessarily mean scary, id say Dead Space 2 is more scare inducing!

Ares842452d ago


Obviously you never heard about Dead Space....

dkgshiz2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Eh...its not scary at all to be honest. Very entertaining though. Condemned series is really the only series this gen to at least give me a couple jumps. Also Dead Space 2 was really good. Plus the bikini clad women zombies in this game just make it that much less scary. Still really good game. The atmosphere is like Tahiti which is tropical and nice. Not really scary at all.

GamerEuphoria2452d ago

I can think of games that have more scares, Dead Island only really has jump scares and even then they come in short supply

WolfLeBlack2452d ago

Normally a single review doesn't make me consider a game, but the crew at GamerEuphoria are a good bunch and Sean does good work. His tastes usually seem to match mine, so I might just have to see about picking it up.

Had a quick blast a friends a few days back; not a scary game by any means, but a fun one :)

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Son_Lee2452d ago

Yes. Scariest game this gen, easily. Dead Space provides cheap thrills and has a creepy atmosphere - I love both games equally - but let's be honest. You have ammo up the wazoo in those games. In Dead Island, you don't. You fight in close-quarters combat 90% of the time. Weapons break, you need to level up to get stronger. The sense of survival and urgency is much more apparent than in Dead Space.

Graey2452d ago

i'll have to give this game a shot. I love zombie games/movies so much. something about surviving post apocalyptically that appeals to me.

GamerEuphoria2452d ago

I dont think your the only one ;)