Playstation Magazine Confirms HipHopGamer News Of Syphon Filter 4 Release. Watch Footage

After a few years of debates, rumors, disappointments, hopes, and wishes now the time has come.

In Feb’ 2010 HipHopGamer confirmed that Syphon Filter is indeed being released at some point this generation, and that Sony is going to show even more power than Hideo Kojima captured with the Cell Processer.

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Misterhbk2423d ago

Wonder what all of the people who bash HipHopGamer are going to say about this lol.

Probably something like

'so what, he got one thing right'

Simon_Brezhnev2423d ago

They will never give him credit. They will just say he was just spitting out crap again and making a guess.

Persistantthug2423d ago

Haters gonna hate.

That's what they do.

Disccordia2423d ago

Final Fantasy 15 is in early stages of development. When it gets announced in 2014 I will take full credit for it.

That's what HHG has done here. SF4 been rumoured for years he was not the first to mention it and at this point it's still only a rumour anyway so this whole closely article is pointless.

Dart892423d ago

Yeaaaaaaaa can't wait to do this again:P.

LOGICWINS2423d ago

LOL, nice find! Never played the series on the PS1, but I'm anxious to play it on the PS3 now that I have a good idea of what its about.

brew2423d ago

Can't wait for the battle.

Metal Gear Solid = Rampage Jackson
Splinter Cell = Chuck Liddell
Syphon Filter = hiphopgamer