Sledgehammer CEO: PS3 is NOT holding back Call of Duty

Sledgehammer Games' CEO Glen Schofield has clarified recent reports suggesting that the 'aging architecture' of current-generation consoles is holding back Call of Duty, saying that his comments were taken "completely out of context".

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fluffydelusions2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Weird. It seems it's always 360 is holding back or current gen consoles are holding PC back. Regardless, Looking at BF3, Gears 3, UC3 and looking at MW3 I have to ask what the hell is this guy on. MW3 has the same graphics, voices, sounds from MW2. MW3 is literally just a copy and paste job.

theonlylolking2509d ago ShowReplies(4)
capcock2509d ago

so sad that people will buy MW2 volume 2 for 60$ and pay for the CoD elite fee :(

we GAMERS must go against lazy developers and greedy publishers before it's too late.

_Aarix_2508d ago

If gears 3 can be done on a 360 and skyrim can fit on one disc, then the 360 isnt holding back as much as people think.

NukaCola2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Who would think the PS3 is holding anything back? What is going to happen when the next COD runs on an engine that will consume more than 7gigs of information? Like Castlevania, Mass Effect, Rage, Battlefield 3, are on 360. I think the issue is Activision and it's developers give too sh*ts about the PS3 version, which is sad since the PS3 version of Blops was almost the exact same as the 360 version in sales, and the PS3 COD crowd is the fastest growing crowd. You'd think they would treat everyone equally, but sadly they don't.


Ohhh.. Didn't hear those shenannigans.

CranberryPub2509d ago

Some media outlets reported that the PS3 was holding back Call of Duty a couple of weeks ago.


Miiikeyyy2509d ago

If anything 360 is holding games back. Lost planet 2 had tons of content cut on the PS3 version because of the 360 version not being able to fit on 1 dvd.

HungPHATx2509d ago

My PS3 will be seeing BF3 this year ! NOT Call of Cookie cutter rinse and repeat game

Dart892509d ago

^^This well the last one mine saw and still does is cod4 but BF3 is gonna be on my ps3 from the 1st day until who knows:P.

Cosmit2509d ago

My PC will be seeing BF3 this year! Aww its still a little baby lol. Only about a month old. It'll TRULY pop its cherry with BF3 :P.

Playing Bad Company 2 and Borderlands for now.
Maybe I"ll buy MW3 too.

TheTruth892509d ago

ahhahahahaahah this is funny, cuz, there tons of PS3 exclusives that look miles better than COD.

tawak2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

this is why i wouldn't get this game for brand new i rather pay for used.. all lies! ( and always dumb down version since mw2 while PS3 gamers is paying for the same price as the 360 version?!)
i will be playing Resistance 3 on friday payday! and BF3 in oct and then uncharted 3 in nov.weee

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