The 10 Best Contemporary Console Side-Scrollers

From TechnoBuffalo: "The side-scroller was once the gold standard visual style in gaming. Platformers, adventure games and even some great puzzlers were done in a side-scrolling format.

Then came the Nintendo 64 and the era of 3D gaming on home consoles. Side-scrollers became a sign of age, outdatedness and niche, unfortunately. Now, this current generation of machines steps up to the plate. Side-scrollers, both on the Wii and downloadable marketplaces, are enjoying a great resurgence in popularity."

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NukaCola2481d ago

Trine needs to be there, it's the most graphically beautiful sidescroller I have played this gen.

Miiikeyyy2481d ago

I don't know who dissagreed with you but I completely agree, was ganna comment that myself!

NukaCola2481d ago

I dunno. It's N4G dude. If you don;t have a PC or PS3 you probably never played it I guess. But if you are a 360 gamer, you should look out for TRINE 2, cuase it look incredible.

n4f2480d ago

if your new here welcome to n4g here are the rule:
you are not suppose to make sense
you are not a gamer if you support nintendo
if you say something bad about playstation or sony your bubble will get pop
if you say something against microsoft your bubble will increase

Venox20082481d ago

I could add:

Kirby's epic yarn
(love it or hate it, it's still a great game!) :)

Bleach2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Hard Corps Uprising should be there. CONTRA HELLO!

It's ironic it should mention LittleBigPlanet 2 and Limbo because someone recreated a superior version of Limbo on LittleBigPlanet 2

MattG-PTB2481d ago

I would have given the nod to Mega Man 10 over Mega Man 9. 10 is more fair, better rounded, and has more memorable music. At least, from my perspective.

guitar_nerd_232481d ago

Super Meat Boy is my number 1. 42hrs and counting of gameplay for £6.99- Amazing game.

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