Have A Look At Tales of Xillia's Leaked Opening Movie

As some of you may have heard, some people in Japan already have their copies of Tales of Xillia. To those who can't wait to see how ufotable handled the game's openings, have a look at Milla's version that has just been leaked.


Jude's version OP:

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disturbedcobra2660d ago

Would have been so much better if the audio were there, but the video was awesome on it's own anyway. Definitely can not wait till this game releases. I am a huge fan of Namco and the Tale's games.

a7452660d ago

The Facebook video embed has the audio on it.

smt302660d ago

i want this in europe, lucky japanese mother duckers!

smt302660d ago

the mighty ducks was a good movie

tarbis2660d ago

Aye it was one of my fav movies.

Game4life2660d ago

The opening looks great. i just wish the music was more like vesperia or abyss but still good music

CLOUD19832660d ago

Actually the OP theme song was awesome dont tell me u didn't like it I <3 it!

Game4life2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

It"s not that i didn"t like it It"s just I liked vesperia and abyss music in the opening more. Maybe it"s just me.

Edit: I like it more than I did before. I guess it kinda grows on you.

Magnus2660d ago

Hopefully this game comes to north America if not I will loose all faith in Namco

tarbis2660d ago

English please. I'll be content even with just subtitles since I want to hear the japanese voices.

tiffac0082660d ago

I'd be happy even if they localize the game in dub as long its Tales of Vesperia English voice acting quality :)

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