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Welcome to the island of horrors
PlayStation 3 version tested.

The zombies in video games can never fail, since the time of the first Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil are a valued and cleared through customs, so that their addition did not dwell only to survival horror, but also to FPS such as Call of Duty open-world action as Red Dead Redemption.

We have seen the kind of zombies evolve with the last brilliant, loved and unloved Dead Rising, which mixed elements of RPG and action-arcade game with a jaw-splitting humor.

Techland is known for giving birth to the brilliant Call of Juarez does not, has taken the zombie element and inserted it in a totally new, on "tropical island", mixing the action with the FPS genre , catching here and there having RPG elements in Fallout 3. But it has been able to bring to us gamers as much fun as a title challenge?

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