Gamekult Review: Dead Island

Dead Island suffers from a myriad of technical problems and shaky design choices, turning it into an uneven and sometimes frustrating title. Despite its unabashed simplicity and its very repetitive aspects, the close combat system can provide a few short bursts of fun (...) but can't compensate for so many weaknesses. In four player co-op, the game obviously becomes livelier, (...) but the absence of split screen play is detrimental (...) While not a complete turkey, Dead Island is a game that you're better buying at a later date for a reduced price, when top shelf releases are scarcer...

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raytraceme2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

they gave portal 2 a 7 and portal 1 a 5/10 as well they are just as bad as edge. Their heads are way up their a$$es

Baka-akaB2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

they aint as bad as edge at all .I dont like them , and GAmekult is uptight but very consistant They dont give great and bad score on a whim like Edge .

Edge can "look you in the eye" tear apart a game on some flimsy "not innovative" enough BS argument , then proceed to give a great score to a similar game .

Lovable2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

I agree with Baka.

Although even if they gave Dead Island a shitty score, I'll still buy it.

raytraceme2454d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Baka is right I take that back gamekult gave m$ exclusives bad grades as well hell they gave halo a 7 the same as resistance 3.

They gave gears 2 a 8 and uncharted 2 a 9. MW2 and Bad Company 2 got the same scores as well an 8.

tbh their 7 is like a 9 their 8's are a 9.5, their 9's are like a 10 and did they give anygame a 10? Their 5 is sort of like a 7 ish so not bad lol.

I am sorry gamekult I compared you to edge (vomits while saying it :S )

they never gave a game a 10 lol

MischievousIQ2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

I don't read anything from edge or Gamekult, they are pretty much blacklisted in my book. I really only came in to read the comments.

Edit: Regardless of how finely you take apart Dead Island it's still a great game.

Son_Lee2454d ago

It's sites like this that give retarded games high scores. These are elitists who nitpick every single detail and aren't happy unless something is dripping in innovation, and even then they'll still find reasons to complain.

No game is EVER perfect; one has to be expected to look past certain design flaws. If not, you'll never enjoy anything you play.

ninjaman9992454d ago

These guys done judge on the basis of how fun it is. They just shit on each individual element, forgetting that the game, even with somewhat weak elements, can turn out to be an awesome piece of work combined.

dkgshiz2454d ago

Some German site? Why?