Want to Know More About The Secret World? Of Course You Do

GIR's Samantha writes: Electronic Arts announced that they would be co-publishing The Secret World with Funcom. This news not only got the ball rolling but coincidently left Funcom saying that they would be "Leaving their options open" regarding an Xbox360 version of the MMORPG. So what is The Secret World? I have the info you need right here.

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rezzah2418d ago

Too bad it won't come to the PS3, was very interested in this game.

zeal0us2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

These are the same ppl who didn't put AoC on the 360 so my hopes of playing this on my 360 is low, so don't feel too bad. Plus there is always PC

This game is starting seem like p2p more and more.