[FIXED] Dead Island for PC Crash Fixes for Freezing, Resolution and Mouse Bugs, Blackscreen

This is an in-progress page for working Dead Island for PC crash fix solutions. While console gamers are enjoying their “smooth” gaming experience, PC buffs have to contend with such manly crashes!

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sjgamer2421d ago

The page is being updated with more fixes as we speak. FYI.

caperjim2421d ago

The game works great on my system. Better graphics then the gameplay videos ive seen. Im impressed so far. Too bad some people are having trouble.

Pl4sm42421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

that was the funniest command ever lol ..someone forgot to take it out :D

Darkfocus2420d ago

no one forgot to take it out...the wrong version was put up...we got the 360 dev build instead of the final PC version :/

Bleach2421d ago

looks like the PC version was an afterthought during development.

NuclearDuke2420d ago

Another disgusting console port company. Why even support them

LNDCalling2421d ago

PC gaming ftw!! O_o

Unfortunately this is no more than I expect and as a PC gamer also this is kinda what I expect more of going forward.

So much for all the PC fanboys proclaiming PC versions of multiplats superiority!!

pr0digyZA2421d ago

lol like any game there are 98% of people who will not experience one thing wrong, look at the consoles where save games get corrupted, or freezes etc... These are issues that happen to an unfortunate few. BTW I dont really think your a PC gamer its quite obvious you love your PS3.

LNDCalling2421d ago

Hey I'm a PC gamer too, I was actally a PC gamer first and have been for nearly 25 years, as soon as I was old enough to type on a keyboard and use a mouse so I know what you mean, but I dont think there's anything you could teach me about PC gaming I dont already know. I've even built (from scratch) three gaming rigs!!

My point is the money just isn't in PC gaming any more.. PC games are rarely in shops / rarely advertised, you can call out digital distribution (i own 60+ Steam games and love it) but is it really enough?? In my opinion it isn't and I see the tides changing!!

In my opinion the PC's greatest aspect i.e. being am open and upgradeable platform will also be its biggest downfall.. In all the years i've gamed I can honestly say that the PC, whilst getting the benefits of mods etc is also the platform where i've had the most issues when wanting to just sit down and play a game. In this day and age people just dont have the time to fiddle and tweak their chosen platform, its a throw away want everything in am instant society and its ashame, but its also the truth!!

evrfighter2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I want to disagree but lack of fov and this jerky stutter im getting when fraps is reading 150fps is giving me motion sickness.

Btw I'm not the only one. Theres a pretty decent sized thread on steam forums about motion sickness

through messing with the config file I was able to jack up the aa and high res shadows and high res textures.

Once they fix those two things then I'm golden.

pijinio2122421d ago

nothing a patch cant fix..

Bolts2421d ago

I paid only $36 for my version while the console gamers pay twice as much for the same game that looks half as good.

Oh while you're paying $15 for DLCs I'll be getting contents from mods for free.

Multiplats superiority, confirmed.

LNDCalling2421d ago

You make my point about the money not being in PC gaming perfectly!.. Do you expect developers to ignore that fact completely??

Bleach2421d ago

And it will still sell more on individual consoles.

Ranshak2420d ago


Actually most of the money you pay for the console version goes into:

Royalities for Sony, MS
retailer margins
returns etc

When a console version sell for 60usd the publisher ends up getting 10-15usd

When a PC version sells for 50usd, the publishers ends up getting 30-35usd.

Hence it actually take consoles to outsell PC 2 times to get the same margin.

EL1TE2421d ago

Funny part is that console games are made on PC, there's your console superiority.

Sarcasm2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Runs perfect on my machine.

I'm playing it in 1920x1080 32xCSAA 60+fps (V-SYNC on).

And clearly you're not a PC gamer if you don't enjoy buttery smooth frame rates, responsive gameplay, high resolutions, and lower initial prices ($49.99 on Steam)

Nothing against consoles (I enjoy my PS3/360 regularly) but anything available on the PC, I'd be an idiot not to get it there.

Psychotica2421d ago

Once it's patched it will be the superior version. Consoles get day 1 patches too, in fact Resistance 3 is getting one today too.

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Farsendor12421d ago

ill buy this on pc before the end of the year is up,just upgrading again even though i didn't need to i just wanted to.

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