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Despite trying to act as a gritty tale of survival, Resistance 3 is in essence just a regular shooter, with far more action filled firefights than lurking tales of humanity. Thankfully it's a well made game and has an impressive arsenal of excellent weapons, and the multiplayer - including a much-missed coop mode - is a lot of fun.

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TheMrMadzen1697d ago

Nothing to see here folks....just a shitty review made by some haters.
It got a 9/10 from IGN btw

dark-hollow1697d ago

Because you don't agree with them then they are haters??
Yes, pretty bad review IMO.

Best1697d ago

Low rating = more website hits = more ad clicks = more profit = not legit review

majiebeast1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I always find gametrailers reviews very indepth and accurate, of what i think of a game myself. Like deus ex for example, i think they gave that the score it deserved.

[Quote from the review]
Then, the similarities with Killzone 3 a bit too many. Not only did both games have some weapons and enemies that are similar, they run also in 3D and has support for Movement Control.


Very bad review especially when you dont even know what the fuck you are talking about.

iamironman1697d ago

@best -

eurogamer a no name site? do some research

pixelsword1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

There's already been an article stating that Eurogamer systematically rates PS3 games lower than 360 games, so there's nothing new here and there's no need to get upset about something you already know is going to happen.

I personally think the reason why there's so much so-called "PS3 hate" in articles is because negative news about the PS3 gets more hits from 360 and PS3 fans than positive PS3 news, I guess.

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caboose321697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Or maybe it could be another persons honest opinion.

Tiqila1697d ago

it sure is, but i couldnt stop thinking that the reviewer had a bad day when writing this.

RememberThe3571697d ago

Read the quote majie posted above. DO you really think this is just "another persons honest opinion"?

Another quote from this "review":
"But I still bothers me that Capelli seem to jump or fall from the enormously high ledges without damage. Why he can do it I do not know, but it happens several times. And that's obviously for other people, which among other things, jump down on the runaway train of ledges without breaking either the femoral neck or hip. Though all may be genetically modified in some way or another. What do I?"

Hahaha This review is a joke!

caboose321697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Alright then, I guess since you guys revoked this mans right for an opinion, it's just another phony article looking to get some hits.

Really guys? He was knit picking the game but thats just what some people fricken do! He thought the game was average and gave it an average score, there is no crime in that.

Not everyone is going to love this game as much as you two, and in all honesty, a 7 is by no means a bad score.

pixelsword1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

@ caboose32;

That's the whole point: A review isn't an opinion, it's supposed to be a non-biased synopsis and rundown of what is good or bad in the game; if it personally bothered him that a person survives high jumps despite the fact that he also acknowledges that he is still genetically modified to a certain degree then he is expressing a personal bias in his review.

That's the big problem about game reviews: 99.999% of the reviewers don't know how to properly write (or score) a review.

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TBM1697d ago

figured one of the eurogamer sites would give it a low score lol. meh means nothing to me since i love IG, and i love the resistance series.

i honestly dont see why people in general give these reviewers words any weight when the best reviewer of any game is you yourself.

ivanjp18821697d ago

im nervous, there is alot of bad review showing up. the only good oe is from ign, and not even since resistance 2 got a 9.5 this sucks, i might pass on this one

Laika1697d ago

you need a mind of your own. dont let review scores ruin your fun.

Unicron1697d ago

Try READING them instead of just looking at scores. Novel concept I know.

R_aVe_N1697d ago

I actually canceled my pre-order after the really bad multiplayer beta. I just could not get into that at all. Really bad character models and very unbalanced gameplay wise.

TheMrMadzen1697d ago

Gaersyde 5/5
Joystiq - 4.5/5
Playstation Lifestyle - 9/10
el33tonline - 5/5

the-thing-that-is1697d ago


only ever heard of one of those

incgamer 7/10 7/10
eurogame 8/10
metacritic 8.3/10

seems a ok game but not great.

Daver1697d ago

"seems a ok game but not great."

hmmm ok... since when a game average around 8-9 is just an ok game? some people are out of their mind I think.

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Ezio20481697d ago

i believe a gamer can himself judge a game better than a critic. i have played this game (preview code) and its fantastic!!!:)
my opinion though....

Shaka2K61697d ago ImmatureShow
MasterCornholio1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Kind of reminds me of the site that gave Uncharted 2 a 65%

AdmiralSnake1697d ago

This won't go well with the fanboys lmfao.

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