'Kinect Fun Labs' to have monthly updates, new developers

Digital Spy writes: Kinect Fun Labs will see a new addition every month, it has been revealed.

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Dlacy13g2654d ago

I just wish they would patch it so I could atleast open the app. Currently it locks up my console everytime I start it. Oh well....

Bigpappy2654d ago

They did patch it. I had the same problem but I tried it yesturday and it had an auto update. It now works for me. Before it would always freeze up.

Dlacy13g2654d ago

Good to hear, thanks for the heads up.

Burning_Finger2654d ago

Kinect is the worst thing that happened to gaming. I wish they would just set it on fire.

Shadonic2654d ago

you are the worst thing to happen to gameing.

dark-hollow2654d ago

But come on! I don't wish to set him on fire!

That's cruel!
Think about all the pollution his burned corpse would make from the smoke! :P

Shadonic2654d ago

They really should just open it up to the public and just let the developers rush in its way easier on them and they could just gain knowledge from what they see and just make like mini games showcasing the different mods created all collaborated into one game. it would be easier plus they could also pay the publishers some ms points for every time there mods are implemented into the next demo. this would push them to develop even greater things.