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The Koalition: "Let’s get this out of the way from the start. Dead Island has failed to live up to the hype it gained when the game’s debut trailer was released several months ago. Those hoping to experience the emotional resonance which the trailer provided may be disappointed by Dead Island’s sub-serious tone and melee focused combat. For better or for worse, Dead Island is less about protecting your loved ones from an onslaught of vicious zombies and more about splitting heads with a worn-out pipe as you plod around the island doing everything that everyone tells you to do."

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iNFAMOUZ12265d ago

Just picked it up a few minutes ago!!! :DDD time to start slashing zombies!

Vettur2265d ago

Should I buy this game? Theres so much I have to buy, so is this game worth the money?

One-X2265d ago

Fallout 3 with 4 player co-op and a beautiful zombie infested island. Considering your avatar is Fallout 3, I'm guessing you really enjoyed it. In my opinion if you like Fallout 3, then you'll like this a lot.

Vettur2261d ago

YESSSS! Fallout is one of my favorite games :D I also got a crush on zombies right now :)

gamernova2265d ago

Get it. Just played quite a bit and am loving it. I need sleep now lol

iamironman2265d ago

mixed reviews. i might wait until after xmas for this one when its cheaper

HydroUK2265d ago

played a bit of it, its really fun.

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