Check out Squad Combat in new Mass Effect video

Check out the squad combat in the new Mass Effect combat video, ready to stream on Dutch gaming website Mass Effect is planned to release November 23.

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dachiefsman3357d ago

I really can't wait to play this game!!

PStriple7033357d ago

ur saying that's better then uncharted....get serious

Vojkan3357d ago

It is DEFINETLY longer game, and by looks of it is better than Uncharted.

fopums3357d ago

all this does is bring the 360 fanboys into PS3 threads, if Mass Effect dosent float your boat then ignore it.

fredy3357d ago

uncharted's gameplay is deeper than this magnificent game?

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gamesblow3357d ago

AWESOME!!!! 10+ man! Feel good game of the year!!!! It's xbox so it has to be the best!!!! Woooooohoooooooooooo!!!!!

socomnick3357d ago

about time you made some sense

Kuest3357d ago

"f#cking good comeback"- that means bubbles, by the way.

Vojkan3357d ago

I might now buy 360. I have been waiting for PS3 to deliver, but it seems that it cant. Games are flopping on that system like crazy. So i will have to switch. With 360 you are getting game NOW! Not dreaming how Killzone 2 "might" be great game, or just another HS, Lair, Uncharted, etc.

socomnick3357d ago

ill catch you on xbox live m8.

n_n3357d ago

you must live a sad life or expect too much from gaming... i'm glad i find great games on all platforms... life is just so much more fun that way. oh well, to each their own i guess *shrug*

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The story is too old to be commented.