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PC gaming is dead? Really?

MyGaming's Chris Kemp defends the PC platform (Culture, PC)

wallis  +   1112d ago

No one has thought this since 2004 when some moron suggested it and everyone dived head first into the idea. PC gaming has NEVER been dying. The only thing that suggests its dying is the fact that people keep saying it's bloody dying. Steam has been kicking arse for God knows how many years and I'm tired of seeing articles commenting on PC gaming.


So to the person who wrote this article. Please... please... PLEASE try and be slightly more original than writing about something that's been written about a thousand bloody times before and is an idea that's so painfully outdated it makes a bloodied piece of slate look like an up to date tool for castrations.
JsonHenry  +   1112d ago
MS, Sony, and Nintendo would LIKE for people to think that PC gaming is dead so that they can get a cut of every game sold on their platform instead of buying cheaper games on the PC without having to pay the royalty to the big three.
rfowler30  +   1112d ago
i really hate how the title of this article makes the person who submitted it seems their anti-pc. i for one know pc gaming isnt dieing and a proud supporter of it. theirs nothing like a razer keyboard and mouse compared to a controller in my opinion .
Boody-Bandit  +   1112d ago
Not only mice and keyboards but flight sticks, fighting sticks and wheels all work better on the PC. I recently jumped back into PC gaming after an 8 year hiatus and I can't get over how much more intense the feedback and response is on all my peripherals, especially my FFB Wheels.

I am not a stupid consumer. I would've never dropped 3+k on a gaming rig if PC gaming was going anywhere and I don't regret it one bit. If anything I am sorry I didn't do it sooner. Steam is awesome.
Saryk  +   1112d ago
4 million on Steam yesterday...........
MagicAccent  +   1112d ago
No, PC gaming is alive and well. Living comfortably in a cosy cottage in the mountains with a cat, and a horse and a stew on the stove, were he will live happily ever after.

Now, let's not hear any more about it, ok?
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JsonHenry  +   1112d ago
More people on Steam at any given time than on console combined. I think PC gaming is alive and well and so do all the companies laughing all the way to the bank that cater to the PC gamers.
Mario4life  +   1112d ago
no steam has been bringing me alot of games to play as of late along with free to play games and flash games, but i do think retail pc games are over with though
kcuthbertson  +   1112d ago
Of course PC retail is dead...barely anyone carries a good selection of physical PC titles...at least not commonly in the states.
Pikajew  +   1112d ago
PC gaming is better than ever
brish  +   1112d ago
I can't believe it's not dead yet. I keep shooting it and it just gets back up! O.o
BattleTorn  +   1112d ago
Die PC Die!
TABSF  +   1112d ago
That Razer Blade is one impressive piece of kit.
Its almost twice the thickness of iPad 2 but with incredible spec.

Razer Blade spec:
* Intel Core i7 2640M (2Cs/4Ts) 2.8GHz/3.5GHz (Base/Turbo)
* Nvidia GeForce GTX 555M 2GB GDDR5 (144 Cuda Cores) with Nvidia Optimus
* 8GB DDR3 1333MHz (PC3-10600)

This thing is less than 1 inches thick.
Their nearest competitors laptops your looking between 2-3 inches
kcuthbertson  +   1112d ago
I do like the looks..it's sexy as hell..but for $2800, it should have a much better video card I think.
TABSF  +   1112d ago
WOW the only thing I did not know was the price.

That is ridiculous, at that price its going to fail. They need to get that to $1,400 at least.
ChrisGTR1  +   1112d ago
pc gaming isnt dead ,its just seriously injured. specifically when you compare it to the early 00s

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