Every Single Feature of Call Of Duty Elite Detailed - Free and Premium

Everything about the service explained in an easy to understand list.

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comradestalin2657d ago

Well...doesn't seem too bad now that it's laid out like that.

thrasherv32657d ago

Kinda what I was thinking. But the monthly "DLC" seems sketchy. How often are those going to be maps instead of gametypes?

Oh, and we get to keep the DLC after our membership expires? I would have never thought Activision would lets us do that.

Caleb_1412657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Well it makes sense - your technically pre-ordering DLC (albeit at a slightly cheaper price as an incentive to use the service) so that you can access it at a later date. This is better for Activision as they can just pocket your money straight away rather than having to wait around and heavily market each DLC as and when the developer has finished each one.

Also would you really see people choosing to use Elite to get DLC slightly cheaper over the conventional method if you couldn't permanently keep them? People would just be up in arms about this if it wasn't the case.

Besides, you can only buy a yearly subscription with Elite anyway by the sounds of it so your tied in for the entire year - so it's not like you can exploit the system by buying a months subscription and reaping a years worth of DLC.

They're trying to make it seem larger by saying you'll receive "20 pieces" of MW3 DLC. This is pretty much what they're doing already but they'll just spread out the 5 maps you get with each DLC pack (think its usually 4 per game right?) into monthly installments.

In the end your not really any better off by using Elite - by paying for a subscription you're just promoting a new way in which publishers can get to our wallets through stripping content from the main game. They try and justify it by saying that people will be able to compete for prizes but lets be honest; the vast majority of people that subscribe to Elite won't even win a single thing so it's win-win for Activision. It will be interesting to see what sort of prizes will be on offer to win and how many... considering the amount of money we all know Activision is going to make from this it would be great for them to actually invest the money back into the community that got them where they are today - still cannot believe that they don't provide dedicated servers across the board for all platforms... what a joke.

Also I don't see why anyone would want to use the tutorial services and in-depth gameplay analysis tools that Elite looks to be providing. Can people not see that by using these tools you'll be taking the fun out of the game? Why would anyone want to spend hours reading through weapon descriptions, heat maps, weapon ballistics? I just don't get it... where's the fun in that? The best part about playing games is figuring things out for yourself! Seeing yourself slowly improve through trial and error, NOT because some death chart showed you died from an exploding dog, next to a dustbin, 23.5% of the time you played Dome. It's laughable how they try to get people to take COD more seriously by providing these services, when they should look at the content they're putting in the game in the first place.

I've gone on for much longer than I thought with this... oh well, peace out.

Laughing Buddha2657d ago

I think they are specifying "you get to keep the DLC even if your membership expires," because if they didn't, people would ask "do I get to keep the DLC if my membership expires?"

Don't forget, Playstation Plus members are given "free" games each month that they lose access to if they let their membership to Plus expire.

MaxXAttaxX2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Most people don't need more than a year to play a game. Besides there are plenty of other advantages.
Besides, there are more discounts on content and games with Plus which you get to keep, even if it only cost you a penny.

Now back to Call of Duty.
Doesn't COD DLC usually amount to $50 during the lifespan of the game anyway? That's the same price as COD Elite. So how are these "free maps-packs/DLC"?

Ok maybe I was a bit harsh. There are plenty of mini features and whatnot involved in this too. I can see that this is for people that really take their online military FPS multiplayer games quite seriously. Definitely not for me.
I won't be coming back now, lol.

gamingdroid2656d ago

After all the hub-bub, it turns out the service is essentially free with a discounted purchase of all the DLCs.

Activision is definitely greedy, but I don't see them using underhanded tactics like EA towards their customers (like have nasty terms of service, prevent you from playing your games, or even deleting your account).

HappyGaming2656d ago

Plus if you pre order the dlc like this than you friends who didnt will be more likely to buy the dlc so they can play with you ;)

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BakedGoods2657d ago

Yeah, I'm grabbing the Hardened Edition so hopefully the 1-year trial will prove it's worth it.

HebrewHammer2657d ago

I think I might be grabbing the Hardened edition as well. Does it come with the premium Elite service, or the free one?

jimmywolf2657d ago

you save 10 bucks buying harden edition versus paying the sub separately it comes with one year of elite service an various minor stuff

gamingdroid2656d ago

You get CoD: Elite membership for a year and founder status with the Hardened Edition.

I might grab that myself... here's hoping for a sale!

RXL2657d ago

that's what she said


ShamefulDispray2657d ago

Well I thought DLC was already pretty awesome. Paying $15 for a new map and some old ones is a great deal. But now to think that for a "low" monthly fee I can get all those map packs for free! It's an amazing idea! Obviously we won't get to keep the stuff after our membership expires, but who cares? I mean by then the new CoD will come out, and then I can subscibe to that games monthly fee, and get maps for free again! I hope most of the map packs they release feature CoD:MW3 maps! That would be awesome. Already a day 1 buy for me, an extra $200 a year is nothing for the best game franchise out there!

Laughing Buddha2657d ago

I'm right there with you ShamefulDispray! WOW, to think that someone loves the COD franchise as much as me is just plain awesome!!! Want to join my clan? We're called "The S4rc45tic D0uc6e's," you'd fit right in! ;)

In all seriousness, the ELITE service is obviously not for you. I on the other hand am excited by the monthly DLC and other benefits the service provides for a series that I really enjoy playing.


gamingdroid2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

***Obviously we won't get to keep the stuff after our membership expires, but who cares?***

You do get to keep all the DLC after you subscription expires. Perhaps research things before you condemn it?

Lazy_Sunday2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

You mean, I not only will receive maps the same time as 360 players since the map packs are the only thing that are timed exclusive, but I can stop paying for CoD Elite at any time and keep the maps?! Holy shit!

Only now do I see the errors in my judgement.

Listen up world! CoD Elite no longer sucks ass. In fact it's the best idea ever imagined for any CoD player who was pissed off by timed delays.
Activision once did something right. And they're charging $2.50 per map on Elite, which is actually a steal, since it's $3 per map in the physical DLC.

JackBNimble2657d ago

Maybe I missed something here, but I don't recall them saying there wont be any more timed delays.

Maybe I'll give it another read, but I'm pretty sure MS has given Activision a nice big bag of cash and a signed contract for timed delays.

Who know's?... I could be wrong.

Lazy_Sunday2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

No timed delays on content from CoD Elite. Timed delay on DLC Map Packs--this is Activision's sneaky little way of getting the PS3 and PC players back into CoD, since they already screwed themselves once and don't want to do it again. Every month they'll be releasing new maps and modes for (ten, twelve?) months, for all CoD Elite players, so that the experience never gets old. Unless they release maps right at launch--which I don't see happening, since it would cause a lot of hate, being that DLC right at launch is total bullshit--everyone will receive the same amount of maps and modes at the same time. And, for a pay service, they wouldn't not release maps a month after release, since people expect content for their payment. There is no devised "exclusivity" rights for a pay service like Elite, because it would have to be too complex. They're running into a third party service issue there--and Microsoft tends to leave those alone. They still have their timed exclusivity deal, and I'm sure it makes them think they're happy.

JackBNimble2656d ago

I guess they found their loop hole...

Christopher2656d ago

Question: Is DLC still a timed exclusive on the 360? If so, does this affect anyone's decision to go premium on the PS3?

From a psychological stand point, people tend to want to see more out of their money spent up front sooner rather than later and I wonder if having to wait a month or more longer might make them feel adverse towards subscribing to a similar plan in the future.

Just look at how MMOs are turning out more and more today, with F2P methods rather than the traditional monthly subs because people A) don't play as much as others and feel they don't get the same value out of it and B) have varying play times from month to month and want the cost to match their time played and not a base amount of expected value that may not be matched each month.

Turning to this sort of subscription service with individual games could be a hit or miss, but it all depends on the perceived value by the community, which the differences between consoles will not help to improve, IMHO.

Can't wait to see the statistics of the program and community response once it is live.

DeFFeR2656d ago

IF the maps are released simultaneously, I'd pick this up for my PS3 (the Hardened Edition - I have a $100 gift card balance from Amazon to use up...) but if there is still a timed delay in map DLC even with Elite, it's an easy decision on which console to get this on.

SteveSmith2656d ago

Lol, you people are easily brainwashed in accepting being ripped off.

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NinjaCameraman2657d ago

Activision Doesn't Understand Proper Nouns When Making Charts Apparently.

SuperStrokey11232656d ago

So you are going to police them but you are going to capitalize every first letter in your post?

DeFFeR2656d ago

SuperStrokey - You Obviously Didn't Look At The Charts, Or You Don't Understand What A Proper Noun Is, Or What To Do With It Grammatically.

Dart892657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

LMFAO charging just to have a golden clan tag name??

Like i said only idiots will pay for this crap.

It's a sad day when you know people will actually pay for this crap SMH.

Sillyace922657d ago

You mean like hats in TF2? Not so stupid when it's not CoD, right?

NinjaCameraman2657d ago

Hats are Hats. Clothes in Home are Clothes in Home. Golden Clan Tags are not a purchase item, they are thrown into a list of items designed to make you think this monthly fee is a "bargain."

jimmywolf2657d ago

the hats you can make a market for buying an selling various things with steam beta trading the COD maps are just that maps nothing more

ATi_Elite2657d ago

yeah but i can sell my TF2 hats and make some real cash! You can not do that in COD so STFU!

Sillyace922657d ago

@ATi_Elite and @jimmywolf

So tell me, you're selling or trading the hats to someone, correct? Doesn't that mean someone else on the recieving end is essentially buying those hats?

The ability to trade doesn't deter from the fact that people buy useless things in game. So if you were intelligent you would realize that it doesn't only occur in CoD.

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MrBeatdown2657d ago

I guess you missed the part about all the DLC being included.

DirtyLary2657d ago

and we all know dlc is going to 90% game modes / challenges 10% maps. Still a scam.

MrBeatdown2657d ago


Uh, yeah, you have no idea what you're talking about it.

Activision is also selling all the maps like they normally do. Activision isn't going to stop making maps in favor of modes, then sell them in $15 packs. Nobody is going to spend that kind of money on new game modes.

Use some common sense.

shooter7472657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

It's either your brain is half-developed or you didn't have a happy childhood you are filled with senseless hate that made you what you are today, a dysfunction in the society.

DirtyLary2657d ago

sounds like the same stuff wow players pay for and eat up

jimmywolf2657d ago

hey when i paid $25 for that mount it was worth it .... maybe

-Alpha2657d ago

All you did was pick the smallest thing they are including under the Elite service and ignored everything else.

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Cpt_kitten2657d ago

i wonder if they have to tell themselves that this is a good idea in order for them to make themselves feel better, prolly just how they tell themselves that call of duty is still a relevant game even though it still looks like its from 2007 and will have twice the bugs as the last game

Mikeyy2657d ago

Why start this bullshit you troll?

Cpt_kitten2657d ago

how am i troll when the game is terrible, that sir is a fact sorry your to close minded to understand that

perdie2657d ago

@Cpt_kitten your a troll because you are bashing the game and saying something is terrible is all your opinion and honestly no one cares about your opinion when there opinion is a conflicting one.

Mikeyy2657d ago

Opinion is not fact.

Good day sir. and these Battlefield trolls already claimed one of my bubbles.. You are sad sad idividuals.

aquamala2656d ago

How can cod be not relevant when black ops and mw2 are the 2 best selling games of all time on 360 and ps3?

Rob9462656d ago

I'm not the biggest Call Of Duty fan but I don't see why you think there bad games? to be honest Call Of Duty games are actaully very fun. Sure they look dated but the core gameplay is a lot of fun espically online with friends. I'm gonna be picking up the hardened anyway as i'm interested in Elite.

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ApexHell2657d ago

lol ill just stick with free elite kthxbai!