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David Coulthard gives GT5 gamers a lesson

PS3 Attitude went to Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands today to watch David Coulthard take on a bunch of eager GT5 fans. (Culture, Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

xtremegamerage  +   1423d ago
As close as you can get to the real thing.
theonlylolking  +   1423d ago
On a current console
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Dee_91  +   1423d ago
LOL this unfair
David is the new stig
yea he just so happen to be the f1 driver to teach jeremy how to race around monaco on the latest episode of topgear lol

so actually it was like going against the stig ... well the new stig
Im convinced he is the stig lol
NotSoSilentBob  +   1423d ago
Just shows how close they are with the GranTurismo games.
Ilikegames76  +   1423d ago
Jason Birt, the one who came closest to David Coulthard is just 0.548 seconds slower. I wonder if he could do the same with the real car with the Gs pushing at you when cornering.
GamersRulz  +   1423d ago
That can tells you how accurate GT5 is. Impressive work PD, really impressive.
mayberry  +   1423d ago
gt5 is very accurate indeed! ( I said "indeed") haha!
TABSF  +   1423d ago
Gran Turismo 5 not quite there (this is coming from someone with GT5 Platinum)

Fact is:
* The GT5 challenge had no tyre wear
* The GT5 challenge had no fuel consumption
* The GT5 challenge had no brake wear or temperature

David Coulthard:
* Lap One: Built up speed, got the tyres and brakes up to temp. Time 1:23
* Lap Two: 1st flying lap, car almost ready for hot lap. Time 1:18
* Lap Three: 2nd flying lap, car is at its optimum. Time 1:16
* For the following laps, the brake were over heating and the road tyres was shot.

Coulthard finished with at least 3 minutes to go after trying to bring the car back doing much slower laps (coasting at times), the car was not going to go any quicker plus the weather was getting worse.

GT5 did not simulation Engine, Brakes, Tyres and Fuel meaning the gamers could do hot lap after hot lap, impossible in real-life.

For real simulation on everything its iRacing and/or rFactor
Dee_91  +   1423d ago
LOL i dont understand the disagrees everything you said was true
but since david is a professional driver the lack of specific simulations on GT5 part pretty much even the field.
Like you said if you want that type of simulation play iracing and rfactor
I personally dont care for that type of simulation and the gt5 simulation is more user friendly while still being very realistic
The_Quiet_Man  +   1423d ago
Damn, if I had of known about this event I would've tried to enter. I would've been willing to travel to England just for a chance of picking up those tickets for F1 Brazil (lucky bastards).

Not saying I would have done any better than the guys who took podium, but if your not in, you can't win. Anyway congrats to James Birt for winning, if he sends me his address, I'll send him a surprise, honestly (jk). On another note those guys weren't to far off Coultards time not bad considering hes a recently retired Formula One driver. I expected him to be a couple of seconds ahead at least.

@ TABSF where did you get the extra info about Coultards lap times, I only see his hot lap time in the article. Plus I think your being a bit harsh here "GT5 did not simulation Engine, Brakes, Tyres and Fuel meaning the gamers could do hot lap after hot lap, impossible in real-life." You know those people are just random joes from all walks of life. I doubt any of them have been racing F1 cars for over ten years. Plus hes still driving, he took part last year in a German Motorsport race driving a Mercedes,
vicheous  +   1423d ago
It's a GT5 seasonal you dont need to be in the UK!

BTW i did 1:18.7 after 2-3 laps going back another day to improve.
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TABSF  +   1422d ago
There is a Video on GT Planet that showed the whole event. You can get all the info from the Video.

Martin Brundle did commentary at Top Gear Test Track.
Jonathan Legard did commentary with the gamers.

Though guys got there because of their performances on GT5.
Coulthard has been racing in DTM (German touring cars)

The probably I've got with GT5 and fans it they claim its the best simulator. iRacing and rFactor do a hell of a lot more.

Remember GT5 is on a gaming machine, for gamers.
iRacing and rFactor are used by the professionals.

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