Resistance 3 PS3 pre-order invades top 15 at GameStop

Pre-order sales for Sony Corp.’s Resistance 3 for the Playstation 3 ranked in the top 15 this week at GameStop Corp.’s online division this week amid strong pre-sale demand.

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newleaf2420d ago

Number 15?? Is this something to be proud of for a triple A exclusive title so close to release? This mind you is just at Gamestop. CoD is killing this and it is months from release

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Peaceful_Jelly2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Resistance is a good series but it's not popular and for it to get into the 15 position is a pretty big achievement. COD series is not only a multiplat tittle but the hype is through the roof from casuals to core gamers.

Iamback2419d ago

or you can just say that COD is 10 times more fun.
What are you doing in here then, if you don't "care" about sales?

I have preordered this and Dead Island but let's face it, Resistance will never be huge seller. Especially after second game, that was basically mediocre.
Shocking that same studio made one of the most fun games this gen "A crack in time" and dull Resistance 2. Let's hope R3 is better this time around.

badboy74282420d ago

If I wasn't a Hardcore gamer I wouldn't know what Resistance 3 is. I haven't seen One TV advertisement.

Iamback2419d ago

yeah that's the "problem" of Resistance games, roll my eyes.

CBaoth2419d ago

I think the Kevin Butler on a white horse Braveheart-inspired speech commercial is hilarious. Raising their sharpshooters while the Goliath approaches is a nice touch. I've already seen it 3x on ESPN.

pennywhyz2419d ago

i hate gamestop i'll buy mine at toys r us or walmart

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xtremegamerage2419d ago

Not quite sure why you lot only like COD type games, they are boring, same old soldier stories and weapons. Boring.

Resistance is awesome game, Mp is much better then cod and the SP rocks.

Resistance 3 = This gens Halflife.

I'd advise Pc gamers who love Halflife to go buy a PS3 and play this.

blink30202419d ago

Haha resistance is not and will never be on the same level as half life.

FunAndGun2419d ago

Thats funny because without CoD, Resistance 3 wouldn't have lame perks, overpowered killstreaks, and nooby gameplay.

All they did was take the CoD formula and build the Resistance sci-fi world around it. talk about boring.

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