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Darryl Kaye writes: For everything that's good about Dead Island, there are even more things that are bad. And it's rather disappointing, because at its core, Dead Island is a game that has depicted a zombie apocalypse like no other - it's made it more palpable. It's jut not possible to overlook the disjointed story, uneven gameplay elements and frustrating glitches. Fans of zombies games should definitely check this out, if only for the thrills of the scenario.

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mephman2418d ago

A game that's full of plenty of highs and lows.

eak32418d ago

reviews over all have been in the 8/10 range so I'm guessing the average gamer will love it.

iNFAMOUZ12418d ago

when i pick it up tomorrow and if I see that its a great game, which i do plan on picking up lol, im going to kick these reviewers in the head.

*fingers crossed*

BrightFalls762418d ago

Why do so many people pick up average games. Get a life. Pick up 2 or 3 real quality titles a year at the most and spend the rest of the time with you know, girls.

strange19862418d ago

...says the person commenting on a video game website...

dkgshiz2418d ago

You probably are a COD bro dawg player. Go get fucked.

OhMyGandhi2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )



Kakihara2418d ago

Wow, 2-3 games a year?? Let's say each game averages out to about 20 hours playtime. That's like 60 hours a year you get free from having sex with chicks to play videogames. I mean, even when you deduct the time you spend on the Internet bragging to strangers about how much time you spend with girls that can't give you more than a week of 'you time' in any given year.

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dragonopt12418d ago

I can't wait to play it tonight on Steam, I have nothing wrong with playing a game reviewed 7-10. Since when did 7s turn into a bad thing? That's still a respectable score and even if the games not perfect they're saying it's well worth your time. People need to stop being so picky, I know there's other games coming out this month that are probably better but if you like zombies it's worth your money.

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The story is too old to be commented.