8.5 Rise of Nightmares review

"Rise of Nightmares has genuinely impressed me. I had become accustomed to the idea that any action game on the Kinect would only work if it was presented as an on-rails adventure, something like Child of Eden for instance. The concept of being able to move your body, explore a 3D space, turn, attack and so on was beginning to look like something developers had either no interest or ability in pulling off. Rise of Nightmares has shown me that this concept is still possible, and thankfully has some potential to be fun. "

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Bigpappy2456d ago

Look what we have here, another winner. Some of us will appreciate what this game brings to the table and some will try to compare it to what they would expect from a controller version. I for one am excited to test the new eliments of the gameplay. The experience of being actually phisical with the zombies, to me, is worth the price of admition. Some reviewer will have bad experience, because even though Kinect works right out of the box, some games require some fine tuning that is not properly explained in the manual or the onscreen tutorial.

BrightFalls762456d ago

New elements of gameplay? You mean waving your arms at the screen?

Thehierophant2456d ago

Good, review, it has to be approved.

yourfather2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

now i know why this old gamescom video(
up in N4G again